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Batteries and Accessories

At Repco we stock a great range of batteries, to suit  cars, small trucks, boats, 4WD, motorcycle and Heavy Equipment applications. We also stock a great range of jump starters, dual battery kits, inverters and solar panels for your vehicle.


At the first sign that your battery is growing weaker, drop in to a Repco store near you for our free battery testing service.

If you need a new car battery don't worry, we have a battery to suit most passenger and 4WD vehicles in store. We stock a great range of car batteries to suit 4, 6 and 8 cylinder passenger vehicles, heavy duty and deep cycle batteries.

No matter your vehicle type, our batteries will ensure you get long lasting power even when operating extra accessories like driving lights or refrigerators.

Repco Battery Range

Dual Battery Kits

Repco also carry dual battery systems which are recommended when running powerful car battery accessories such as an inverter or fridge while the vehicles engine is turned off.

A dual battery system allows car battery accessories to run from an auxiliary battery that is independent of the starting battery but is charged while the engine is running. A dual battery system ensures there is always enough power in the starting battery to start the vehicle.


Jump Starters & Inverters

Don't ever be stranded again with our range of jump-starters and inverters from leading brand Projecta.

Jump-starters are suitable for jump starting vehicles and can also be used to power 12V accessories. The largest jump starter in the range can easily jump start a diesel 4WD engine.

Repco have a broad range of 12V inverters from Repco and Projecta. 12V inverters convert 12V DC into 230/240V AC. Our range of 12V inverters are ideal for extended trips to power many 240V household appliances such as laptop computers, electric shavers and mobile phones from your car’s cigarette lighter outlet.


Solar Panels

Repco stocks both amorphous and polycrystalline solar panels. Solar panels can maintain and extend your car battery's time when travelling. Amorphous solar panels for example, are ideal for maintaining infrequently used batteries where 240V power is not easily accessible. Polycrystalline solar panels are ideal for maintaing large batteries and extending run time when travelling.  We also stock solar charge controllers, to control and maintain the power going into your battery from your solar panel.