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Repco 3-Step Paint Body Repair

Repco's range of body car body repair products has everything you need for all your DIY car body and sctratch repair jobs ensuring a professional finish every time. The colour-coded 3-step process makes it easy to identify and select the right product to Prepare, Repair and Finish. With over 80 car body repair products in the range, you are sure to find the right product no matter the job.

The right preparation is crucial as it lays the foundation for any car repairs. There is a range of products for rust and car paint repair, rust proofing and re-spraying for both body and bumper.


This step requires the most skill. It is important you have everything you need to complete the dent repair job before painting. Repco Paint & Body Repair has a range of body fillers, putties and primers specific for the job.


Whether you are painting or coating, the finishing step makes or breaks the repair. There is a great selection of colours available in the Repco “Finish” range of products. If you are colour matching check the vehicle's paint code (under bonnet or door jamb).


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