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Repco Halogen Globes

Repco 12V Car Globes are manufactured using only the highest quality materials. The range covers over 80% of the Australian car market. All Repco 12V car halogen globes are UV protected to ensure they are safe for use with polycarbonate lenses.

Available in:
H1 - Single filament high beam and driving lamp globe, single male spade terminal.
H3 - Driving lamp globe, single pigtail with terminal.
H4 - Twin filament globe, three male blade terminals.
H7 - Moulded base single filament globe.

Intense Power +50

Up to 50% more light than a standard replacement halogen car globes, for improved night driving, safety and comfort.


Ice Blue

Up to 50% more light with a white beam and slight blue tinge for better car aesthetics. Ice Blue Globes give greater clarity of the road ahead for night time driving safety and comfort.


Extra Power +30

Up to 30% more light on the road compared to a standard car halogen globes. Plus 30 globes provide greater vision and visibility than standard replacement halogen globes.
H3C (Aus only) and H3 100w also available in this range.