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Mechpro Range of Worklights

The range of Mechpro Worklights provide an excellent quality, lower cost solution to your garage lighting needs.
Mechpro Work Lights have been developed to ensure they deliver reliability and performance at a competitive price.
They have been hand picked to suit a variety of applications and include the latest LED lighting as well as traditional fluorescent tubes




30+6 LED Rechargeable MPWL36LED 60 LED Rechargeable MPWL60LED

Mechpro LED Work Lights

  • LED work lights offer numerous benefits such as long lamp life, durability, small size, low heat output and energy efficiency
  • Mechpro rechargeable lights utilise Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries which are reliable and robust with a good life span and an affordable alternative to Lithium Ion batteries.
  • All Mechpro LED Work Lights include 12V car and 240V charging adaptors making them perfect for the home, car, boat, caravan and emergency roadside repairs.



Fluorescent 11W 12V/240V MPWL11W Fluorescent 8W 240V MPWL8W

Mechpro Fluorescent Work Lights

  • Fluorescent work lighting is a more energy efficient choice than incandescent lighting and is ideal for lighting up large spaces inexpensively.
  • 360° beam of light and long fluorescent tube provides even light distribution over a large area.