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Camping Chairs

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DUSC Directors Camping Chair
Gear Up Camp Chair Red
Gear Up Camp Chair Blue
DUSC Compact High Back Camp Chair - DLFCH
DUSC Compact Low Back Camp Chair - DLFCS

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Camping Chairs

Camping chairs come in a variety of styles. Some are like lounge chairs, others are beach chairs, some are light weight hiking chairs, fishing chairs or stools and finally camping chairs. They come in bright colours, camouflage colours, corporate colours with logo's or plain colours. Accessories like cup holders, tray tables, pouches, pockets, zip up and waterproof even sunglasses holders. The one thing they all have in common is that you can fold them up and carry them. They are a transportable folding chair but the term camping chair is a term most commonly used to describe them.

They pack easily into a car and you can take them to a lot of outdoor events so you can sit in comfort and enjoy it. Usually you have your icebox with you and a refreshing beverage of your choice falls readily to hand. While sipping this you could be viewing a sporting event, chilling out with the family while admiring the scenery of the great outdoors or even solving the worlds problems with friends at a park BBQ.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I select a Camping Chair?

The first thing is use. If hiking or fishing a lightweight strong chair is more important than the big lounge type as you have to carry it over some distance. If camping or at a BBQ a big lounge type chair is the go as you will be sitting for some time and your vehicle will not be far away.

The second thing is its weight rating. You need to know the folding chair can support your weight as people are getting taller and heavier. Some cheaper chairs are OK for kids but may not stack up when used by an adult.

The next thing is comfort and how easy it is to fold and carry. Comfort is the big one and hard to know if buying it off a website picture. Like any furniture it can look comfortable though nothing beats touching and feeling it.

The last thing is colour and accessories to give you the look and features you want from it.

To me, if the camping chair ticks all 4 boxes then price is not so much an issue. It is the overall package you want so why not invest in it.

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