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Projecta 12V 10A 4 Stage Solar Controller - SC110

SKU: A5396278
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  • Digital L.E.D screen
  • Displays battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity, fault codes and more
  • Displays quick reference to charge status and battery condition
  • Suits battery type: Wet, Calcium, AGM or Gel
  • Sealed electronics - Conformal coated circuit board & plated terminals protect controller from the elements
  • Temperature sensor
  • Maximum panel size: 120W
  • EMC approved
  • IP22 rating
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Projecta 12V 10A 4 Stage Solar Charge Controller

Solar panels capture the sunlight converting it into useable electric power, however without a solar controller to regulate this power it will ultimately damage your battery through excessive charge and even discharge at night. Projecta offers an extensive range of automatic solar charge controllers to suit a wide range of solar applications, all with varying amperage ratings. Each of the controllers can be left connected indefinitely to the battery keeping it fully charged, monitoring its condition, and performing a process called 'float' charge to keep the battery in optimum condition, ultimately ensuring longer life.Part of the Everyday Plus range of Projecta controllers, the SC110 utilises smart 4 stage charging, and features multi-chemistry selection making it ideal for managing both automotive and deep cycle batteries, ensuring they are kept at their optimum condition, extending daily performance and overall life. The convenient digital LCD screen offers useful system information whilst the advanced MCU controlled PWM controller ensures a thorough level of charge for your batteries.

The Projecta development team strive to produce a quality range of products, whether that be a Battery Charger, Solar Panels and Controllers, Power Management, Jump Starter, Inverters, Booster Cables, Battery Terminals and Cables or Battery Maintenance. A key component of the team's development program focuses on searching the world to source new technology and products to include in their range. Their experience and knowledge of global product advancements also enables the team to design and engineer new products from the ground up in their state-of-the-art facilities. The result is class leading battery maintenance and battery powered products from Projecta.

For over 50 years Projecta have been supplying not just a range of market leading battery chargers but a comprehensive array of battery accessories, power inverters and jump starters to ensure your vehicle is ready to go when you are. Their continued research and development see their products become more feature packed and capable of handling your power requirements. Shop online or browse instore today the great range of Projecta products stocked by Repco and never be at the mercy of a flat battery again.