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Crankcase Ventilation Filter - P903543

SKU: A5407914
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  • First-fit choice of equipment manufacturers around the world
  • Designed specifically to give you effective, consistent performance over the life of your engine
  • Designed to withstand Australia's harsh environments
  • Superior seal and vibration resistant interface between the air cleaner and the filter
  • Meets or exceeds OE specifications

Donaldson Air Filter

Designed to handle the dirtiest and dustiest of Australian conditions, Donaldson air filters have been engineered to stand up to the most extreme conditions you can face. Ideal for all heavy duty applications from your 4wd through to trucks and earthmoving equipment Donaldson's RadialSeal Air Filters feature superior seal technology and a vibration resistant interface which helps to protect your engine and give it the clean filtered air it needs to perform. Uniform pleat media spacing resulting from their Pleatloc technology, prevents the filter media from bunching, promoting consistent performance over the service life of the filter.

Donaldson are the leading manufacturer of filtration solutions for on-road and off-road heavy-duty trucks, working vehicles and agricultural machinery including a wide range of filtration solutions such as Air Intakes, Lube, Hydraulics, Fuel, Transmission, Coolant and Cabin Air. Since creating the first effective air filtration system for a farmer's tractor back in 1915, Donaldson have studied and perfected the art of filtration for applications ranging from heavy machinery, military applications and of course automotive air filters, oil filters and fuel filters for popular on and off-road engines. For over 100 years Donaldson have been studying and refining their filtration technology for the constantly evolving automotive market in order to meet strict OEM guidelines and regulations.

Changing your air filter is one of the easiest and hassle free jobs you can do at home and with our online rego search tool can identify and purchase the correct filter in a matter of minutes. With a clean air filter providing greater fuel economy it makes good sense to replace your air filter whenever your performance drops as the fuel savings can offset the purchase in as little as 3-5 tankfuls of fuel. Use our delivery service or come in store to collect your new filter and you can accomplish this basic maintenance with ease.