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Replacing your Cabin Air Filter When is the right time?

What is a cabin air filter?

A cabin air filter is actually a fairly recent technology on modern vehicles, it’s a filter designed for your climate control system that makes sure you and your car’s occupants are breathing fresh and filtered air. It looks a lot like an engine air filter and works in a very similar way, except it removes any pollutants, mould spores, pollen, dust and poor smells that you as an occupant breathe. A carbon activated cabin filter is a must have for any allergy sufferer to make it through those tough few months of spring.

What does a cabin air filter do?

Keep you and your family safe with a new cabin air filter. A Cabin Air Filter the only barrier between your family and the harmful, filthy pollution and pollen airborne in built up areas and is essentially a face mask for your car’s occupants. With a Cabin filter, you are protecting yourself by filtering out 98% of the pollutants in the air that could come through your car's air vents and into your cars cabin. Using a carbon activated cabin air filter helps to drastically filter out the harmful emissions, smoke, exhaust gasses, ozone, fungus spores, dust as well as pollen. When replacing your cabin air filter we recommend checking and replacing your car's air filter at the same time and allow your engine to breathe the same fresh air you do.

When should I replace my cabin air filter?

In most car owner service manuals it states that every 40-50,000 kilometres is the correct time to replace your cabin filter, however, if you have hay-fever, allergies, drive on dusty road or in the dense CBD and built-up areas you should look to replace your cabin air filter more often.

At least inspect your cabin filter every 15-20,000 kilometres or every time you replace your engine’s air filter just for peace of mind.

How do I check or replace my cabin air filter?

Checking or replacing your cabin filter is often a simple 5 minute task and it's usually found just behind you glovebox or sometimes in the scuttle behind your wipers in the engine bay of a European car. Simply pull the old one out, place the new one in and start breathing fresh sweet air once again. It’s common practice to remove the dust and leaves and give it a bash on a nearby fence before placing it back in the car. This is poor practice and often doesn’t fix the problem at all. Over time a cabin filter takes on all the pollutants, smells and pollen and by only smacking it a couple of times you’re not actually doing anything of substance, you’re best to replace with a fresh carbon activated cabin filter and breathe in the difference. When replacing your cabin air filter we recommending checking and replacing your cars air filter at the same time and allow your engine to breathe the same fresh air you do.

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