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Omega Cold Galvanising Primer 1L - AA-CG1L

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  • Zinc Rich
  • Extra Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection
  • Creates A Protective Barrier

Omega Cold Galvanising Primer 1L

Omega Cold Gal is a zinc-rich, cold galvanising primer for long-term, extra heavy duty corrosion protection. Designed to prevent corrosion through galvanic protection by forming a protection barrier, Omega Cold Gal spray paint encapsulates the metal in a zinc film. This type of primer is ideal for use on clean, rust free steel in highly corrosive environments such as coastal regions. Omega Cold Gal primer is suitable for use on all structural steelwork. Self-sacrificing Omega Cold Gal will react on ferrous metals to replace damaged surfaces and provide a protective barrier. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

When it comes to repairing and treating rust, oxidation and corrosion, look no further than Repco's range of rust converter and corrosion protection products. Treating, converting and removing rust from metal surfaces are imperative to retaining structural integrity, as over time even the lightest of rust can and will take further hold and eat away at metal structures and components. Rusted metals are quicker to fatigue over time and structural strength is sacrificed as a result.

Stabilise and neutralise rust with our selection of rust remover and rust converter sprays and paints. We stock the most recognised brands in rust converters from CRC, Brunox and Isopon, to give you that peace of mind of protecting your vehicle or project from rust and corrosion.

No matter how non toxic these formulations may be, we always recommend using the appropriate PPE during their application. Disposable gloves and suitable eyewear are a good place to start. Repco's range of car body repairsaves you money when it comes to fixing dents, rust and worn paint on your vehicle.