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Gear Up Microfibre Assorted Cloths 10 Pack - GUMFC10

SKU: A5537463
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  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Effective for applying & removing polishes, waxes & other cleaners
  • Assorted cloth have a variety of functions,can clean all different surface
  • 2 x Basic Microfibre Cloth 260gsm
  • 2 x Waffle Cloth 350gsm
  • 2 x Glass Cloth 200gsm
  • 2 x Polishing Cloth 300gsm
  • 2 x Checked Microfibre Cloth 280gsm
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Gear Up Microfibre Assorted Cloths 10 Pack

Super water absorption and drying anything faster and easier! Also suitable for washing, polishing and dusting, assorted cloth have a variety of functions, can clean all different surface and does not can effective absorption of their own weight 5 times the dust particles liquid, etc.

Covering just about every range of automotive accessories, Gear Up have the products to fix, clean, repair or upgrade your vehicle. Whether it's a blind spot mirror, oil change pan or tarp for covering your trailer on the way to the tip you will find the solutions you need. Producing a well thought out array of automotive products at a cost effective price is what the Gear Up range is all about and Repco stock hundreds of these lines to keep you on the road and with money to spare.

We all know the cost of living just keeps going up and when it comes time to indulge, another bill usually turns up in the mail. Gear Up tailor their range of products to be both price competitive but also innovative and functional so that you get maximum value for money. Everyday items such a car wash sponges, wheel cleaning brushes and tarpaulins have been designed and priced so that you can easily upgrade or replace without breaking the bank and get the job done quicker. They then step up to products such as car fridges and air compressors to provide solutions for those looking for a quality product without the sky high price tag.

Encompassing ranges such as

Come in to your local Repco store today or browse and stop online the vast array of quality Gear Up products that we stock. So whether it's a Saturday afternoon run to the tip or a road trip from one side of the country to the other you can find the accessories and products you need in the Gear Up range.