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Gear Up Microfibre Cloth 36 Pack - GUMFC36-4

SKU: A5537467
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  • For applying & removing polishes, waxes & other cleaners
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • 35 x 35cm
  • 36 Pack

Gear Up Microfibre Cloth 36 Pack - A staple in any car care arsenal

An absolute staple in any type of car care exercise is an assortment of microfibre cloths. With pretty much endless uses, microfibres are great for washing and wiping paintwork or windows, applying polishes, waxes and other sealers and even cleaning your interior or engine bay. Gear Up Microfibre Cloths offer excellent cleaning properties, but are also gentle to automotive surfaces and won't leave any marks or damage which makes them safe to use on all surfaces. Measuring in at 40x30cm, these car wash cloths are a great size to tackle any task you can imagine with the surface area to make the job easy. The huge 36 pack is great to keep on the garage shelf so you always have some fresh cloths on hand. Once you've given them a bit of a workout, you can throw them in the washing machine and have them fresh and ready to go for the next time you wash the car, detail the interior or spend the afternoon polishing your bumpers or wheels.

Microfibre clothes are one of the pieces of kit you need to get your car properly washed after a week of commuting to work or before a Sunday cruise with the family. Whether you drive an economy hatchback, gripped up street car or a chrome bumper classic cruiser, washing your car is one of the most satisfying Sunday afternoon tasks you can undertake.

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