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Aerpro Radio Wiring Harness - APP070

SKU: A8841861


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  • ISO Connector to suit most Honda's 1986+
  • Designed for quick and aftermarket head unit installation
  • Vehicle specific plug designed to connect directly into factory loom
  • Suits various Daihatsu, Holden, Lexus, Subaru & Toyota vehicles with small two plug connectors
  • Converts vehicle specific plug into universal ISO connector system
  • Secure Clips on ISO connectors to ensure long lasting connection
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Aerpro Head Unit Wiring Kit APP070 - Suits various Honda vehicles

Save your hard-earned dollars, get the job done at home. When getting your car kitted out with a brand new head unit and some upgraded speakers, the task of wiring it all in might seem a bit daunting, especially given the seemingly complex head unit wiring harness which links your head unit to the cars speakers and other electrical circuits in order to operate correctly. While you could pay a professional to do the job of cutting, joining and splicing the existing wiring, an Aerpro Wiring Harness makes this task much easier and super achievable for automotive experts and at-home DIYers alike. Get the job done yourself and enjoy an upgraded head unit in your car for better sound quality, increased connectivity and plenty of other great features like Bluetooth connectivity and Apple Car Play or Android Auto. Aerpro wiring harnesses are offered for most popular makes and models to offer simple head unit wiring solutions. This product provides a 2 step Plug & Play installation solution for aftermarket head units when paired with an Aerpro APP8 Secondary Harness (some hard-wiring may still be required). If your car isn't fitted with a standard single DIN or double DIN head unit slot, Aerpro also offer a range of facia kits to install an aftermarket head unit in your car with ease and leave it looking like it was there from factory.

How does an Aerpro Wiring Harness work?

Aerpro plug and play wiring harness systems use a two-step process to enable the connection of your new head unit to your factory wiring loom.

For vehicles without steering wheel controls or a CAN-BUS system the first step is to choose the correct harness that suits your vehicle. This is the harness that will plug into your factory wiring harness & have an ISO plug on the other end ready to connect to the Step 2 harness. These can be identified by the APP prefix part numbers and Step 1 written on the packaging. These are also referred to as the primary harness.

Step 2 is to select the Aerpro wiring harness that is correct for your brand of head unit. These harnesses will plug directly into your new head unit with an ISO connector on the other end that connects to the step 1 harness. These can be identified by the APP8 prefix on the part number and Step 2 written on the packaging. With both of these wiring harness your installation will now become a plug and play process with no additional wiring required in most cases.

If your vehicle has steering wheel controls or a CAN-BUS system the first step is to select a harness from the CH series of part numbers that will connect directly to your vehicles factory wiring harness. For step 2, select the correct wiring harness and patch lead from the APP9 part number series to connect your head unit. Once the harnesses and patch leads are connected all of your steering wheel controls should remain functional as they were before with your factory car stereo.