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Repco Cabin Air Filter - RCF532A

SKU: A5536656


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  • Engineered to meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer's performance requirements
  • Reduces harmful contaminants entering into the cabin
  • Features a layer of anti-bacterial coating that is certified to prevent virus’s (such as Influenza Type A and others), bacteria, mould and fungus from entering and growing in your vehicle’s cabin air
  • Fully carbon activated to improve the quality of air circulating inside the vehicle
  • Reduces pollen and dust particles inside the car
  • Full nationwide warranty
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Breathe Fresh, Breathe Clean, Breathe Safe

Every Repco Cabin Filter is Activated Carbon with an additional Anti-Viral coating to protect the vehicles occupants from pollen, nasty odours, harmful gases, mould, fungus, bacteria and certain viruses such as Influenza Type A entering the vehicle cabin via the HVAC system.

A Repco Cabin Air Filter is the only thing between your family and the harmful, filthy and hay-fever inducing air that is wafting around built up areas where congestion, big trucks and factories churn out carbon, soot and harmful emissions. With a Cabin filter, you are protecting yourself by filtering out the air that comes through your vents and into your car's cabin. Using carbon activated filters helps to drastically filter out the harmful emissions, fungus spores, dust as well as pollen. So if you have hay-fever allergies, you should look to change out your cabin air filter annually before spring to give yourself a fighting chance against the season ahead.

Checking or replacing your cabin filter is often a simple 5 minute task and it's usually found just behind your glovebox or sometimes in the scuttle behind your wipers in the engine bay of a European car. Simply pull the old one out, place the new one in and start breathing fresh sweet air once again. When replacing your cabin air filter we recommending checking and replacing your cars air filter at the same time and allow your engine to breathe the same fresh air you do. For the full Repco filtration range, shop online or visit our friendly knowledgeable staff at a Repco store near you.