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Andatech Sobermate S2 Fuel Cell Breathalyser - SM-S2
Andatech Wingmate Breathalyser - ALS-WINGMATE
Andatech Sobermate S5 Breathalyser - SM-S5
Andatech Sobermate S3 Fuel Cell Breathalyser - SM-S3
Alcosense Breathalyser - ALSPRO
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Conduct your own breath test with a personal breathalyser from Repco

When the safety of you, your passengers and other road users comes down to a split second decision, save yourself the second guessing and choose a quality breathalyser from Repco to provide that peace of mind. At Repco we stock a range of portable breathalysers to provide that easy and accurate measurement on whether you are safe to drive. With random police breath testing becoming more prevalent, an taxi home is a better option than any of the consequences of drink driving.

Concentration and focus is key when it comes to driving safely, and when alcohol is included in this picture these elements are impaired. Having an electronic breathalyser with you enables you measure your blood alcohol levels to ensure you retain the ability to safely operate machinery or drive a vehicle.

The beauty of a portable breathalyser is there is no need to estimate or wait hours in predicting whether or not your breath test would be accurate for you to drive. Even drinking slowly over a long period of time may put you in a high level category when taking into account body mass and size.

BAC standards for blood alcohol concentration, this is the percentage of this that is concentrated with alcohol. We have all be out before and feel fine but are unsure if we are really over the blood alcohol content levels before. It never to late to protect and ensure the safety of yourself and others. Don�t be the one who needs to say sorry because you thought you whether ok to drive home when in fact you weren�t. Simply get a personal breathalyser that can be situated in your vehicle and be used after consumption of alcohol.

Breath tests are simply to use just breathe air straight into the tube of the breathalyser and wait for the reading to appear on the breathalyser. When alcohol is absorbed it is ingested into your stomach and into your small intestine and is also circulated through your lungs and brain.

Not sure what brand to get contact your local Repco store they they will assist you in choosing the right electronic breathalyser. By creating a breath alcohol test you can use this device in any setting as they are portable and easy to carry.

Things to note when purchasing a Breathalyser

  • Breathalysers are easy to use when out and about
  • Light weight and compact easy for travel, storage in your car, or even carry in a handbag
  • Reliable and accurate breathalysers for personal use
  • No more risk taking after a beer or wine, have a personal breathalyser to make sure your BAC levels are accurate.
  • Breathalyser provide accurate readings up to 0.40% BAC

For the best Breathalyser, browse our full range and find the right product at the best price. When it comes to automotive safety, we aim to provide next level service across Australia and New Zealand. Feel confident that you are safe to drive, and not worried that you may or may not be over the limit with a portable breathalyser. Drive with confidence, say no to maybes and be assured you are doing the right thing for yourself and everybody else on the road. Explore a combination of brands, check what breathalyser will suit you best, don't miss on breathalyser sales and make sure all factors are considered to optimise safety.

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