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Boab Solar Regulator 20A - Charge your batteries efficiently and safely with solar

Getting serious with your solar set-up? A proper solar panel regulator like this Boab 20amp 12 Volt PWM Solar Charge Regulator is essential. This handy solar regulator helps to regulate the amount of charge from the panel to the battery in order to avoid over-charging your batteries which can not only be dangerous but can also see reduced life from your expensive battery bank. This solar controller also offers simple, direct connection to appliances while continuing to charge your battery bank. This means you can run accessories such as fridges straight from the solar panel, bypassing the battery bank, while the batteries still continue to take charge from the solar panels. The Boab solar controller uses PWM (pulse width modulation) which are favoured over other regulators which use MPPT charging. PWM regulators do not use moving parts like MPPT equivalents which makes them ideal for regular transportation in cars, 4x4s, caravans or camper trailers. PWM charging is similar to the charging profile of modern battery chargers whereby charging current is reduced as the battery charges to avoid heating and gassing. This type of charging offers the maximum amount of charging power in the shortest time possible for higher charging efficiency, rapid charging and great battery health with every charge.

Heading off the beaten track for extended periods of time? Without regular engine running or long drives, your 12V system will only last a couple of days maximum before the batteries have depleted. Not only is it essential to keep on top of battery maintenance to keep your fridge running, food fresh, drinks cold and campsite well lit, but when you discharge your deep cycle battery too far it will cause premature wear and damage to the internals which means it won't last as long as if the charge was always topped up. With Boab's comprehensive solar range, some basic tools and some time spent working on your getaway rig, you can have a fully self-sufficient solar setup connected to your 12V system to keep on top of battery charge and extended the amount of time you can spend at a campsite with fully batteries and all your favourite creature comforts. The Boab solar range caters to various different types of vehicle with a range including:

  • Hard-mountable solar panels
  • Portable solar blankets
  • Solar regulators
  • Heavy-duty connectors
  • Solar panel mounting brackets

To get your car, boat, 4x4, caravan or campervan fully set-up with an off-grid, self-sufficient 12V set-up, shop our range of 4x4 and adventure accessories and battery accessories on the Repco website or in store today.

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