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Redarc DRL Controller

The Redarc Daytime Running Lights (Key On Lights On) (KOLO) range ensures that the headlights on a vehicle are switched on whenever the ignition is on. Designed as a safety feature for commercial vehicles, it is also suitable for the everyday driver. The Redarc KOLO has three internal relays, all controlled by a microprocessor that activates the vehicle low beams and park lights after ignition is turned on. The relay contacts are voltage free (not connected to any other circuit internally) and can be used to switch 12 ,volt, 24 volt or ground either directly to the lights or to lighting relays. It also features a 10 second turn on delay designed to reduce the load on the battery during cranking, particularly useful on vehicles with an already large starting ,load. The vehicle combination (headlight) switch overrides the KOLO so it operates the normal way, switching on park lights only or park plus low or high beams. Now compulsory on many mining sites to adhere to OHS&W standards, the KOLO ensures increased visibility of a vehicle to provide safer driving conditions.

A worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high grade electronic solutions for your vehicle Redarc have over 40 years of experience and expertise when it comes to upgrading your vehicle and getting it ready for the great outdoors. Their significant reinvestment in research and development have led to a range of products that are tough, durable and ready for a lifetime of service in the harshest of conditions meaning you can trek in confidence knowing that Redarc products perform when and where they are needed most.

Repco choose to stock Redarc products as they are seen as the standard to which others strive and have proven themselves time and time again as being the best in the business.Comprising products in the following ranges-

So whether you are an avid camper who likes to go bush a couple of times a year, to someone out in the field all day everyday, you can trust and rely on Redarc products to stand the test of time. With outstanding back up and after sales support Redarc stand behind every product that carries their name. They are also renown for their production remaining in Australia so you can feel the pride in not just buying a quality product but having supported a true Aussie owned and operated company.

Browse online the extensive range of Redarc products or come in store to your local Repco store and find the right Redarc product to allow you to confidently follow your sense of adventure and experience all that the great outdoors has to offer.

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