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Jockey Wheels

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Trojan Jockey Wheel with Eze Shifter Ratchet - 303250
Trojan Jockey Wheel Galv Steel Wheel With 200 X 50mm Solid Tyre 220Kg 250mm Lift - 303107
Trailer Valet Twin Tyre Jockey Wheel - TV5X
Trojan Jockey Wheel With Galvanised Steel Wheel & 350 X 4In Pneumatic Tyre 120Kg 250mm Lift - 303115
Trojan Jockey Wheel Solid 8X2 Swivel Bracket - 306160
Trail-a-Mate 60mm Clamp MkII - TMIIJ/WCLAMP
Trail-a-Mate Service Kit MKII - SKMII
Trail-a-Mate Extendable Wheel Brace - WB
Trojan Jockey Wheel 8X2 Solid Clamp - 306170
Trojan Jockey Wheel with 150mm Solid Rubber Clamp - 306150
Trojan Jockey Wheel Handle - 645663
Showing 21 - 31 of 31 products

Jockey wheels for boat trailers, box trailers & caravans

Shop Jockey Wheels

Be it a boat trailer, caravan, camper trailer or regular box trailer one of the items they all have in common is a jockey wheel. Jockey wheels come in all shapes and sizes depending on the type of trailer, weight of the trailer and where that trailer is used. At Repco we have some great brands of jockey wheels like Repco, Trail-a-Mate, Trojan, Trailer Valet and None.

What does a Jockey Wheel do?

Jockey wheels have a number of functions.

  • Stop the trailer hitch sitting on the ground if not connected to a vehicle
  • Allow a trailer to be 'jockeyed' into position when not connected to a vehicle
  • Hitching and unhitching from a vehicle especially for heavy or loaded trailers
  • Caravan jockey wheels as well as camper trailer assist in levelling the internal floor on rough ground.

Why do I need a jockey wheel?

All trailers can benefit from a jockey wheel as it makes using a trailer so much easier. If you have ever had to lift a trailer with out one you know what I mean. When you select a jockey wheel for your trailer you need to ensure it will be suitable for the trailer and its use. Details like the maximum weight of the trailer (Use tow ball weight), the type of wheel will also differ depending on trailer weight and whether its used in a farm paddock or on a concrete workshop floor. Environment, does the trailer live out in the elements, tucked up in a shed or down near the beach.

By far the incident that can account for the most jockey wheels being damaged is when it is left down and you drive off with your trailer in tow. One of the ways to try and avoid this type of problem is get yourself into a routine when hitching and unhitching your trailer.

Our Range of Jockey Wheels

Here at Repco, we have a selected stock of jockey wheels in different styles, sizes and load capacities to suit everyone. From an off road camper trailer jockey wheel, to a 6x4 general use trailer. Some have a pneumatic wheel, some have a solid wheel, some swivel 90 degrees and store on a trailer, others come off completely. With a range of additional features like swing and sway brackets and height adjustments, our range of jockey wheels and accessories is simply the ideal choice for you. Made from high quality metals and rubbers our jockey wheels are constructed and designed for easy installation, an ideal fit for your box or boat trailer, caravan and camper trailer. We guarantee that you'll get the value for your purchase.

Search the Repco website to check our jockey wheels for suitability, spare parts and brand product availability. Get these items in the comforts of your home with our click and collect. You can look up your nearest store location from our 400 plus stores in Australia. If you need more information head into the Repco store where you can get one of the team to help sort out the different types. Then you can pick the right one to add to your order. While there, browse our trailer and towing category for anything else you may need and lookout for a sale or any deals we may have.

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