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Slime Tyre Pressure Gauge 5-60psi - Mini Dial - 20048T

SKU: A5456393

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  • 5-60psi
  • Bleeder valve
  • Compact size
  • Standard tyre pressure gauge

Slime Tyre Pressure Gauge - Prevent premature tyre wear and reduced grip levels by checking your pressures are within spec

Slime offer a full range of tyre pressure gauges in different styles and types. Grab a digital tyre pressure gauge for an ultra-accurate, no fuss reading, a pencil tyre pressure gauge for a super compact tool which can be easily stored in the glove box, centre console or even your pocket and traditional dial gauges for motorists who prefer the traditional methods. Ensuring your tyre pressures are correct and within spec is important for various reasons. Tyres which are too flat can cause undesirable road holding and handling characteristic which can pose a danger, low tyre pressures also create excess resistance and have significant impacts on your fuel economy, tyre life and grip levels. Tyre pressures which are too high will result in an uncharacteristically stiff ride, uneven tyre wear, lack of grip or even a total failure of the tyre structure. A tyre pressure gauge is also great for the race track, tuning tyre pressures can affect lap times and also fluctuate with heat cycles, use your Slime tyre gauge to squeeze every last tenth out of your gripped up project car.

When it comes to tyre care and tyre repair technology, Slime have things under control. Since 1989, Slime have been committed to providing their customers with the best quality in revolutionary and innovative tyre care technology. As the global leader in tyre care products, Slime offer a comprehensive product line that offers customers an affordable and effective range to make sure you stay safe and importantly have fun on the road or trail. Developed on the Central Coast of California in close proximity to world-class mountain bike trails and sand dunes popular with the off-road crowd, it didn't take long for Slime's rigorous product testing regime to generate a solution for puncture repair suited to a wide array of intense and abusive terrains and road conditions and upgrade from a garage-hack project between mates to being distributed to over 36 countries. Slime's range also features accessories such as tyre inflators, repair kits, valve caps and tyre pressure gauges.

To shop our range of tyre repair kits and travel and touring including jerry cans, caravan accessories and a range of air compressors and tyre inflators, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store and get your vehicle kitted out for any road-side tyre emergencies.


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