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Air & Tyre

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Slime Valve Tool - 4 Way - 2044-A
Maxi Trac Digital Tyre Deflator
Mechpro 4 Way Wheel Brace Metric - MPWBM
Slime Tyre Tube Sealant 8 oz - 10003
Jamec Pem TDR2000 Tyre Inflator - 10.2000
Mechpro Blue Extendable Wheel Brace - MPBWB
Gear Up 12V Tyre Inflator with LCD Digital Display. 27L/Min. 150 PSI (10.3 Bar) - GUDTI27LPM
Mechpro Blue Dial Gauge Tyre Inflator - MPBDCG
Slime Standard Tyre Valve Caps Black - 22049
Slime Patches - Rubber Tube Kit (Kit contains Rubber Cement) - 1022-A
Slime Valve Core Set 4pk - 22042
Gear Up Heavy Duty Air Compressor 150psi 12V - GUAC40
Mechpro 4 Way Wheel Brace AF - MPWBA
Slime Rubber Magnetic Dial Tyre Gauge - 20055
Slime Elite Digital Tyre Gauge 5-150 psi - 20475
Mechpro Wheel Brace - MPFWB
Mechpro Dial Gauge Tyre Inflator - MPIDG-1
Slime Tyre Plugger Reamer Kit - Pistol Grip - 2040-A
Slime Tyre Depth Gauge - 20177
Slime Dual Hose Tyre Pressure Gauge 10-160psi - 2020-A
Showing 21 - 40 of 113 products

Inflate, repair and check your tyre pressure with our range of tyre products

Stay safe on the road when using a tyre pressure gauge

When you jump behind the wheel of your vehicle those 4 black round things connecting you to the road don't seem to figure prominently in everyday motoring. That is, until one of these is needing repair due to under inflated tyres causing problems. Under inflated tyres increase your tyres footprint and left unchecked will cause premature tyre wear, over heating and possibly tyre blowout.

So what does a tyre pressure gauge do?

Simply put, an accurate pressure gauge will enable you to maintain the correct pressure in your vehicle tyres to enjoy safe motoring. By having an accurate reading of the recommended pressure from any of our tyre pressure gauges you will ensure longer tyre life and better road holding.

Why do I need a tyre pressure gauge?

Both overinflated and underinflated tyres are detrimental to your vehicles performance and safety, and not checking your tyre pressures regularly can lead to tyre blowouts, compromised vehicle handling and also braking performance being less than optimal.

Increased fuel bills due to greater rolling resistance also contribute to costing you money and the more kilometres you drive the more this cost. Making the investment in an accurate tyre inflator will ensure you can check and inflate your tyres at home as often as you like to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your vehicle's performance and increased fuel economy.

As a relatively simple DIY procedure don't leave yourself at the mercy of old and uncalibrated tyre inflators at your local service station. Simply fit over the tyre valve and lightly depress to provide the air for measuring. As an easy part of vehicle maintenance it could save you a flat tyre or worse.

Shop our range of quality tyre pressure gauges

Whether you like the traditional dial gauges or want the newer tech of digital gauges we have the right tyre pressure gauge for you. Equipped with an easy to read display, a digital display or dial will provide that measured accuracy to provide peace of mind when inflating your tyres.

The tyre gauge supplied at the local service station is subject to all manner of abuse so having the ability to check your tyre pressure yourself will pay dividends. We have tyre pressure gauges for your car glove box as well as larger units suitable for your garage or workshop.

Carrying the best brands such as Slime, Jamec Pem, and Toledo means their knowledge and experience provide not just quality tire pressure gauges but a full complement of tyre repair products built tough to do the job in whatever environment you find yourself in.

Repco have you covered for all your automotive air requirements

Stocking not just quality tyre repair products we also suggest using any in our range of air compressors coupled with a air hose reel to outfit your garage or workshop with not just the ability to check your tyres but also to run a host of air tools or kits. Come into your nearest store to also check out our range of 12v & portable air compressors to enable fast and accurate tyre inflation when on the road or off the beaten track.

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