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Product Description

Puncture repair kit in a can - Holts Tyreweld

Imagine this: it's belting down with rain, you've got a car full of screaming kids and all you want to do is get home and put your feet up and unwind. Last on the list of things you want to happen in the next 30 seconds is a flat tyre, but as they say, bad things come in threes. Before you know it, the unmistakeable steering feel and sound of all the air rushing out of your tyre. Great. You might be daunted by changing a tyre at the best of times, but in the rain it adds a whole other set of complications. A famous can of Holts Tyreweld is a great thing to store inside your car. Its small size allows it to be kept in the glove box, boot or even ironically in the spare-tyre cavity.

The handy little can from Holts contains a water based foam which acts as a sealant for the hole in your tyre, allowing it to inflate properly and hold air while you drive home. The compressed air in the can first inflates the tyre, then as you drive and the foam sealant travels around the inner surface of the tyre, it finds the leak and seals it up for you to drive to a tyre shop or the safety of the driveway where you can fit the spare in your own time. Rather than spend up to an hour on the side of the freeway swapping out the entire wheel, simply hook up a can of Tyreweld and be back on the road in minuets. For a simple set of instructions on remedying a puncture on the side of the road, follow these easy steps:

  1. If possible, remove the cause of the puncture (nail, screw etc)
  2. If possible, move the vehicle so the puncture closest to the road
  3. Screw the connector from the can onto the tyre valve
  4. Twist the red button to the 'on' position
  5. Once the can is empty, move the button back to the 'off' position and remove from the tyre valve
  6. Drive immediately for at least 10km at a max speed of 80kp/h

Whilst Tyreweld will get you out of a sticky situation, it is important to remember that this is a temporary solution and the car should be taken to a tyre shop ASAP to have a proper puncture repair or tyre replacement. Do away with road-side tyre changes and opt for the faster, safer option today. Tyreweld is the only puncture repair kit you need and unlike other brands, can be easily cleaned out of the tyre once a proper repair is performed so you don't need to spend excess dollars on a brand new tyre.