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Product Description

Compact tyre inflating solution - Slime foot pump

When using slime tyre sealant to fix a puncture, unless you conveniently happen to be at a servo or near someone with an air compressor, you're out of luck if you think you're getting back on the road right away. A great companion to keep alongside your favourite tyre care gear is a Slime foot operated tyre inflator. Whilst they might not be as fancy as some the electric 12v air compressors, this foot pump makes up for it in value and size. If you're working around space restrictions in your already kitted out 4x4 or small sedan / hatchback, a Slime foot pump is a great alternative to get you out of trouble and back on the road. Depending on your space and budget restrictions, Slime offer a single or double piston model. For smaller car tyres the single will suit just fine, however if you'd prefer something a bit faster or something to suit larger SUV and 4x4 tyres we recommend grabbing the double piston foot pump.

When it comes to tyre repair technology, Slime have things under control. Since 1989, Slime have been committed to providing their customers with the best quality in revolutionary and innovative tyre care technology. As the global leader in tyre care products, Slime offer a comprehensive product line that offers customers an affordable and effective range to make sure you stay safe and importantly have fun on the road or trail. Developed on the Central Coast of California in close proximity to world-class mountain bike trails and sand dunes popular with the off-road crowd, it didn't take long for Slime's rigorous product testing regime to generate a solution for puncture repair suited to a wide array of intense and abusive terrains and road conditions and upgrade from a garage-hack project between mates to being distributed to over 36 countries.

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