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ONLINE ONLY. SPEND & SAVE. Spend over $75 Save $15*, $100 Save $25*, $250 Save $55*. Ends Thursday 24th
Product Description

Slime Tyre Tread Depth Gauge - Know exactly when your tyres are in need of replacement

Slime tyre depth gauges are a great tool to keep in any car. Their compact size means they can be stowed away in any glove box, storage pocket or centre console. With an easy to read tread safety scale, it doesn't take a genius to use this handy unit and monitor the life of your tyres at any given moment. A tyre depth gauge is used to measure the amount of tread left on your tyres which is crucial in tyre health, grip capabilities and wet-weather handling. Having bald tyres is an accident waiting to happen, without the necessary channels in the tyre tread pattern, water cannot be shifted from underneath the tyre and can cause the car to aqua plane, leaving you with no control of steering or stopping. As an indication of how hard a healthy tyre works, in heavy rain each tyre can disperse 1 gallon of water every second, so if you're driving for 30 minutes in heavy rain, a total of 120 gallons of water has been shifted from under your tyres. Check your local laws as a minimum tread depth is mandatory for a tyre to be considered legal and roadworthy, with a Slime Tread Depth Gauge, you can know exactly when to change your tyres to stay as safe as possible on the road.

When it comes to tyre care and tyre repair technology, Slime have things under control. Since 1989, Slime have been committed to providing their customers with the best quality in revolutionary and innovative tyre care technology. As the global leader in tyre care products, Slime offer a comprehensive product line that offers customers an affordable and effective range to make sure you stay safe and importantly have fun on the road or trail. Developed on the Central Coast of California in close proximity to world-class mountain bike trails and sand dunes popular with the off-road crowd, it didn't take long for Slime's rigorous product testing regime to generate a solution for puncture repair suited to a wide array of intense and abusive terrains and road conditions and upgrade from a garage-hack project between mates to being distributed to over 36 countries. Slime's range also features accessories such as tyre inflators, repair kits, valve caps and tyre pressure gauges. To shop the whole range of air and tyre accessories, browse the website or visit your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff today.

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