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Product Description

Slime Top Off Tyre Inflator - Ultra-compact tyre inflator

The Top Off compact tyre inflator from Slime is the ultimate when it comes to compactness. This tiny little unit is easily concealed in glove compartments, car storage pockets or even backpacks for tyre inflation on-the-go. Don't be fooled by its handy size, though. This compact air compressor can pump tyres up to 50psi and takes just 14 minutes to inflate a regular car tyre. The built in dial gauge allows you to monitor the pressure easily when inflating, or you can use it to check pressures if you think you're running a bit flat.

Whether you're stranded with a flat tyre, adjusting tyre pressures at a track day or even blowing up some inflatables for a beach day, Slime has a tyre inflator to suit your needs. With inflators for one-off top ups, every-day applications around the house and heavy-duty units for serious air delivery, power and speed. Whether you need compact and simple air on-the-go or a robust powerful air compressor, Slime has something to fit the bill.

When it comes to tyre care and tyre repair technology, Slime have things under control. Since 1989, Slime have been committed to providing their customers with the best quality in revolutionary and innovative tyre care technology. As the global leader in tyre care products, Slime offer a comprehensive product line that offers customers an affordable and effective range to make sure you stay safe and importantly have fun on the road or trail. Developed on the Central Coast of California in close proximity to world-class mountain bike trails and sand dunes popular with the off-road crowd, it didn't take long for Slime's rigorous product testing regime to generate a solution for puncture repair suited to a wide array of intense and abusive terrains and road conditions and upgrade from a garage-hack project between mates to being distributed to over 36 countries. Slime's range also features accessories such as tyre inflators, repair kits, valve caps and tyre pressure gauges. To shop the whole range of air and tyre accessories, browse the website or visit your local Repco store and speak with one our friendly staff today.