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The Fan Clutch is designed to allow your engines cooling fan blades to freewheel at low temperatures when cooling is not needed, allowing the engine to warm up faster and reduce unnecessary load on the engine.
As your engines temperature increases, the clutch engages to allow the fan blades to be driven by the engine and reduce engine temperatures.

Dayco Fan Clutches are die-cast aluminium with deep fins and machined body allowing for a tight fit in close tolerance applications. With a specially designed shaft surface to resist slippage caused by heavy torque loads, Dayco Fan Clutches really maximise the performance of the cooling fan. Dayco have combined performance with quality when manufacturing fan clutches by using high quality bearings to ensure quiet operation and smooth running.

The Dayco Fan Clutch range offers:
- Performance coupled with reliability
- Easy fit OE quality replacement
- Comprehensive range covering Diesel and Petrol applications

Don't waste horsepower from your engine by driving the cooling fan when it's not needed.

Name Description
Item Type Fan Clutch