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Product Description

Set your hose free with Detail Guardz

Anyone who has endeavoured to properly detail their car is faced with a dilemma that would be as old as the automobile itself. This is the frustrating and time consuming process of freeing the hose or electrical extension cable when it becomes lodged under the tyres as you are washing, waxing and polishing your car. Plant a set of Detail Guardz under your wheels for the most efficient way to work around your vehicle without being interrupted by stubborn hose & cord jams. The smooth roller system allows for effortless movements, without the need to yank on your hose or adjust your equipment, thereby giving you more time on the task at hand and less time tugging.

This unique tool has a locking mechanism to instantly grip onto the tyre to keep it firmly in place, whilst the rounded tip ensures if a hose or cable slides above the Detail Guardz, it is guided down and back onto the roller. The twin roller design also allows you to have several cables or hoses running at the same time and it will still work perfectly! The 2 rollers are independently spinning and therefore never jam-up. For something so simple these nifty little units diffuse a lot of angst when you are all about giving your vehicle the attention it deserves.

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