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Permaseal 'Torque-One' cylinder head gaskets cover an extensive range of passenger, 4WD and light-commercial applications with both petrol and diesel engines.

With a focus on quality, you can trust the application specific construction and materials such as multi-layer stainless steel, cylinder bore fire-ring stopper systems and diesel compression grading.

With Torque-One technology you won't have to worry about retorquing after a running in period, due to the high-quality pre-torqued materials.

When replacing a cylinder head gasket, ensure that you are also replacing the head bolts, as many modern vehicles utilise torque-to-yield bolts which are designed to stretch as torque is applied, meaning that they can only be used once. Replace your head bolts to ensure that you don't suffer from premature cylinder head gasket failure.

Permaseal manufactures much of it's range in Australia from the finest gasket and sealing materials, and source components from world leading OEM suppliers in Japan, Europe and the USA to ensure that they will meet the needs of local vehicles and customers.
With a combination of local production and worldwide sourcing through OEM manufacturers, Permaseal Quality Automotive Gaskets provide Australia's leading engine sealing solutions.