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Repco Water Pumps have been developed using the latest technologies in seals, bearings and castings. These technologies have been developed by the OEM's for brand new applications and are incorporated into all Repco Water Pumps to ensure they perform the same or better than the OEM equivelant in the harsh Australian conditions.

To be endorsed with the Repco brand, all Water Pumps undergo strict development processes and procedures which have been established by our in-house Quality Assurance team.
The correct material, quality, hardness and size are checked on all key components including housings, pulleys, shafts, bearings and impellers.

When installing a Repco Water Pump you can be confident that it will fit, perform and last just like the original.

Every Repco Water Pump utilises the latest technologies that have been developed by OEM manufacturers, such as:
- High-quality precision bearings
- Induction hardened bearing shaft, heat treated using electric current for more consistent hardening and increased strength
- Silicon Carbide used for the rotary face seal offering superior lubrication and wear resistance compared to ceramic seals
- Sintered Graphite used for stationary face seal offering superior lubrication and corrosion resistance

When replacing your vehicles water pump, ensure that you are also replacing the radiator hoses, hose clamps, coolant and any other worn parts to prevent future failures.

Water pumps\ can easily become contaminated if the cooling system (including heater circuit) is not flushed. Ensure that you are flushing the entire cooling and heating system before fitting a new water pump to prevent damage.

Name Description
Timing Belt Driven No