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Repco 20L Bucket Dirt Guard - RBUCKETGGB

SKU: A5430084

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  • Repco 20 Litre Black Plastic Dirt Guard and Adhesive labels
  • Dirt Guard fits any 27cm internal diameter bucket.
  • Drops into the bucket and finger holes make removal easy.
  • 3 x different coloured adhesive labels marked Wash, Rinse & Wheels designed to build a complete car wash solution
  • Optional 20L Black Bucket (RBUCKETBB) & Screw Top Lid (RBUCKETCR) available separately
  • Repco 20L Bucket - RBUCKETGGB
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Practical and affordable, everyone loves a good bucket

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has something bad to say about a bucket. Whether it be down the beach making sand castles or tucking into a bucket of something deep fried at the local takeaway, we all know that good times come from buckets. Repco have combined both the versatility of your standard bucket with the added elements of both a lid and a dirt guard to make their offering in the bucket market second to none.

First off we have your heavy duty 20 litre Bucket that is designed for a variety of jobs. Whether using it as a car wash bucket through to washing parts, or even carrying horse feed out to the paddock, this versatile bucket features sturdy construction coupled with a metal handle to stand up to the rigours of whatever you throw in it or at it.

Secondly, Repco offer a quality Bucket Lid that works perfectly in tandem with their bucket. Made of sturdy red plastic this lid works both as a cover, utilising a leakproof seal, but also as a screw top lid with the centre section able to be unscrewed. These features turn your bucket into a great storage container to keep your car cleaning sponge and gear safely stowed or anything you need to stash out of the way.

Lastly we have the new kid on the car cleaning block, and that is the Dirt Guard that fits snugly in the bottom of our Repco 20 litre bucket. Specifically designed for trapping dirt and grime at the bottom, this tough plastic barrier keeps your sponge cleaner and free of contaminants that can cause swirl marks and scratches in your paintwork. A big win all round when it comes to something so simple yet effective.

When you are looking for a heavy duty bucket that will stand up to the many and varied duties of a quality bucket insist on the Repco 20 litre bucket and accessories to provide that answer. Available as separate components or bought together to be the big kahuna of buckets we know you'll love this product as much as we do.

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