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Hose & Accessories

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Bowden's Own Kranzle M22 Male - BOADAPTER4
Jamec Pem 30m Water Hose Reel - 58.3045
Macnaught Retracta 15m 3/8in Air & Water Reel - AW315B-01
Macnaught Retracta 18m Water Hose Reel - DR418G-03
Macnaught Retracta 20m 3/8in Air and Water Reel - AW320B-01
Bowden's Own Old Bosch Aqt Faip - BOADAPTER6
Toledo Pressure Sprayer Pump Action 2L - 305154
Jamec Pem 20m Water Hose Reel - 58.3034
Jamec Pem 8m Water Hose Reel - 58.4023
Macnaught Retracta 18m Water Hose Reel - DR418P-03
Macnaught Retracta 20m 1/2in Air & Water Reel - AW420B-01
Jamec Pem Water Hose 20m x 10.5mm Incl Fittings - 56.3178
Jamec Pem Water Hose 30m x 10.5mm Incl Fittings - 56.3189
Macnaught Retracta 15m 1/2in Air & Water Reel - AW415B-01
Jamec Pem Water Hose 10m x 10.5mm Incl Fittings - 56.3167
Detail Guardz Hose Rollers 2 Pack - DG2RED
Showing 21 - 36 of 36 products

Snow Cannons, Foam Cannons And All The Hose Accessories To Keep Your Car Looking Spotless

Shop Our Range Of Generic Snow Foam Cannons, Pressure Washer Connectors, Water Hose Reels, And Spray Guns

Whether it is you are looking for a snow blow cannon, easy car wash with thick foam, or looking for a hose accessory, Repco have you covered. Repco stock an array of quality brands from Bowden's Own, Jamec Pem, Retracta, Meguiars.

Why Choose A Snow Blow Cannon?

5 years ago, you used your hose to wet down the car prior to bucket washing and then grabbed it to rinse the suds off afterwards. Fast forward to today, and the range of snow cannons and foam cannons on the market show that car washing has taken a whole new direction. Equipped with a pressure washer and any of the quality snow foam products and you have a touchless car wash method that is both enjoyable and simple to use in the pursuit of a clean scratch free vehicle.

Whether it be a snow cannon, a specific hose adaptor or even a quality water hose reel we have the hoses and accessories to get you set up and cleaning in no time. No more juggling between buckets and sponges when you can plug in your pressure washer, click in your snow cannon and add your snow foam liquid and you are away.

Thick blankets of suds will be spewing forth from your cannon in no time as you cover your vehicle in a layer of white deep cleaning foam. From there and dependant on how dirty your vehicle is, you can gently use a quality microfibre or lambswool mitt to loosen dirt or go straight into pressure washing your vehicle with clean water.

As Car enthusiasts having a foam gun can enhance our washing experience no more hand washing. Safe touchless washing ensuring no swirl marks are obtained when washing your car with a foam blaster. Why not Instagram your experience and write a review on how you like the product, does it suit your needs, does it have an air adjustment knob and does it reduce swirl marks. Don't forget to tag us on Instagram.

Our Range Of Foam Cannons And Hose Adaptors

Choosing the right foam cannon can be difficult as there are so many. Choosing between Bowden's own snow cannon, Meguiars snow foaming gun, Dirty Steve's snow job foam wash or Eclipse adjustable spray nozzle. Not sure where to begin? Contact our friendly staff who will assist you in choosing the right mega snow job for the job.

Before you know it, you will be wiping and drying down your vehicle and will have cut your vehicle cleaning time in half. Our range of hose accessories configures to a wide variety of modern pressure washers. With the simplicity of quick adaptors and easy to use foam cannons make your time cleaning a lot less hassle than before.

Browse and shop online or come into your local Repco store today and discover the ease and simplicity of unleashing the power of your hose. A deep clean, and fantastic finish is a few small steps away with our range of quality hose fittings and accessories.

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