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Get a Snow Foam result without an expensive pressure washer

With the Repco Eclipse Foaming Spray Gun you do away with the need for a pressure washer and just connect your garden hose, add some car wash or snow foam formula and spray away. The 900ml capacity allows you to get a good mix of water and detergent into the reservoir and should be enough to cover a large car, ute or van.

The Foaming Spray Gun is the initial stage for getting a brilliantly clean car while preventing the scratching process that can come with poor preparation, like using a sponge on dirt and road grime sitting on the paint surface. With the Spray Gun you're agitating the dirt, lifting it off the car's paint and preventing scratches that inevitably occur.

If you're wanting a gleaming car all year round and take pride in your car's paint condition then check out the full range of Repco Eclipse including Car Wash, Car Wax, Cut And Polish and the full range of Cloths, Brushes and other car care accessories. Repco has everything you need to get your car in the best shape, whether it's engine servicing, car audio, seat covers or protecting your car's exterior with the biggest car care brands in the world, we're here to help you be proud of your car.

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Snow Cannon