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Product Description

Cruise into Cali bliss with California Scents - An essential in car care

Before you start kitting out your ride with interior accessories, make sure you start with a good base and a nice smelling car. An essential in car care, it works just like a deodorant for your car's interior, California Scents have things down pat when it comes to making sure your car smells tippy top. The compact air freshener design is cleverly shaped to fit in a standard car cup holder, and thanks to its low-profile form factor, you can still drop a can of your favourite drink in on top. If you want to keep it out of sight, just place it in a different storage pocket or under the seat. The clever vented lid has a built in to control how much or little of the fragrance is emitted into your cabin. If you prefer a more subtle undertone, simply close it off. On the other hand, if you've forgotten to throw out your rubbish from the back seat, open that sucker right up and mask the bad smells before that all important first date. Unlike other air fresheners on the market which are way too strong for a couple of days and completely dead by the end of the week, the California scents trays are controlled by you and can last up to two whole months!

The variety of scents available is endless. From 'Newport New Car' to 'Shasta Strawberry' and even 'Fresh Linen' , there's definitely something in the range to suit your car, taste or preference. A quality air freshener is a great finishing touch when you've given your car a rigorous detailing with all your car care gear, make sure you have the full package with looking and smelling as clean as a whistle. California Scents air fresheners smell so good you'll want to eat them, please don't though as California Scents advise that their products are not fit for human consumption.

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