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Lynx Gold 3D Hang Air Freshener - E303521000

SKU: A5541032

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  • Iconic authentic Lynx fragrance now available for your car
  • Hook to allow quick and easy hanging
  • Stylish black design with accent of Lynx fragrance
  • Debossed, highly polished subtle Lynx branding
  • Ideal for car, boat, office or home.

Lynx Gold 3D Hang Air Freshener

A laidback blend that’s just as chill as you. Citrus and spice percolate from the top, flowing into a heart of aromatic florals and smooth patchouli. The dynamic blend rests on a relaxed foundation of sleek woods, comfy warm notes and musk. Freshen up your ride thanks to a new range of premium car fresheners from LYNX, which promise to keep your ride fresh and cool for up to 30 days. LYNX helps you to feel fresh, confident and attractive thanks to its full range of amazing-smelling grooming products. Now, a selection of the most popular LYNX fragrances are available in a range of several different car fresheners, bringing the LYNX scents to your vehicle for the first time.Available in many of LYNX’s iconic fragrances, each LYNX car freshener promises to slowly infuse your choice of LYNX aroma, keeping your ride fresher for longer.

That little cocoon we call our car interior is prone to all sorts of smells, and whether identifiable or not we would all much rather have a sweet smelling car than not. Whether it be the stale air from the air conditioning or the lingering smell of that litre of milk that got spilt from the weekly shopping a few months back we all know that car interiors can get pretty whiffy over time. Do a favour to both yourself and your passengers and hook yourself up with one or more air fresheners to sort out those odours.

Choose from a wide variety of scents and whether you want the sweet smells of bubble gum or strawberry through to the clean fresh smells of vanilla or new car scent you can be assured of finding the right car air freshener to mask the pong. If it's something a little stronger you need we also cover a range of Interior Deodorisers and Cleaners to really get to where the smells lurk and banish them for good.

Browse and shop online or come in store today and see the range of air fresheners we offer to have your interior smelling its best, so that next time when you and your mates stop for late night kebabs your car doesn't smell like garlic sauce for a month afterwards.

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