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Armor All Repco Bathurst 1000 Value Pack - E303625800

SKU: A5581110

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  • Exclusive to Repco
  • Wax & Wax 1L - Waxes your vehicles while you wash to provide enhanced shine & better protection
  • Protectant 125ml - Protects against discolouration & cracking
  • Glass Cleaner 500ml - Streak free windows for maximum visibility
  • Jumbo Sponge - Easy grip & Ideal for cleaning all surfaces
  • All Purpose Cloth - Gently removes dirt and grime
  • New Car Scent Air Freshener - Freshen up your vehicle interior with New Car Scent. Last up to 30 days
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Armor All Repco Bathurst 1000 Value Pack

This is the perfect car care gift bucket for all auto enthusiasts. Keep your car clean and protected on the inside and out with the exclusive Armor All Bathurst 1000 bucket.

Full of all the car washing essentials of the Bathurst 1000 such as the Wash & Wax and Jumbo Sponge, together providing an effective clean to all your exterior painted, plastic, glass, and chrome surfaces while adding shine and protection. Armor All Glass Cleaner and All-Purpose Cloth together provide a streak-free finish and remove vinyl fog, oily film, dirt, road grime and other minor contaminants from your windows, windscreens, headlights, and mirrors. Armor All Protectant simply wiped over rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces to reduce damage caused from harmful UV rays which cause fading and cracking. Also included is the Armor All Fresh New Car air freshener membrane to freshen your car’s interior.

The Armor All Repco Bathurst 1000 Value Pack includes:

  • Armor All Wash & Wax 1L not only cleans your car's painted surfaces, it also shines and protects without any extra effort. The high suds formula lifts away dirt and grime from the paint surface and leaves a layer of carnauba wax for a deep shine and added protection. With it's pleasant fragrance Armor All Wash & Wax is great to work with and the neutral pH rating presents no danger to you or your vehicle.
  • Armor All Original Protectant 125ml is the perfect product for richly coloured rubbers and vinyls, or lustrous and shiny plastics. Its unique UV protection technology shields surfaces against sun damage, reducing fading, cracking and discolouration and slowing down the aging process of the treated areas. The formula brings the vibrancy back to vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces such as dashboards, window trim, vinyl seats, consoles and door panels. This Armor All Protectant couldn't be easier to use - simply spray a small amount of the product on a clean microfibre cloth and watch the magic. While suitable for a massive range of interior and exterior surfaces, this product should be used carefully around clear plastic, floors, vehicle controls, tyres and other surfaces where slipperiness may be a danger. This 125ml spray bottle is enough keep your interior looking sharp for a long time - so while a good clean keeps everything looking neat and tidy, you can take things to the next level with this easy to use and effective interior protectant.
  • Armor All Glass Cleaner 500ml is your one stop solution for removing vinyl fog, oily film, dust, dirt, road grime and other minor contaminants from your windscreens, windows, headlights and mirrors, that other household sprays leave behind. It uses an ammonia-free formula which means it's safe on tinted windows.
  • Armor All Sponge has an easy grip design, making it ideal for cleaning your car, boat, truck or motorcycle. It is ideal for washing the body of your vehicle, glass and plastics. For Best Results: Use two sponges when washing your car, one for the paintwork and glass and one for wheels. When the sponge gets dirty whilst washing the car, regularly rinse in a bucket of water to avoid scratching on paintwork.
  • Armor All All Purpose Cloth is made from microfibre material to gently lift and trap dirt & grime. Used dry, it is ideal for all interior surfaces to remove dust, dirt and product residue. It can also be used to apply Armor All products. For exterior surfaces, the Cloth can be wiped over paintwork to remove dust and loose dirt particles.
  • This New Car air freshener will freshen your car interior with a new car scent and lasts up to 30 days, It's easy to use, just hold the unit in an upright manner and pull out the aluminium strip. Then flip the mounting clip to a position to fit your vehicle's vent and gently insert clip onto one air vent blade.

Grab yourself a Repco bucket and use the multi bucket method helping to prevent any scratches and swirl marks in your car's paint. See the full range of Armor All car cleaning products online or at a Repco store near you.

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