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Bowden's Own Fanatics Kit - The enthusiast grade kit for the serious car lover.

With everything you need to win shows and perfectly preserve you car, this is what great car care is all about. This car care kit is housed in Bowden's newest bucket system, containing the best combination of products that enthusiasts will appreciate. The Fanatics Kit includes:

  • Buckets x 2 (Wash x 1, Rinse x 1) + 1 Bucket Lid
  • Grit Guards x 2 - Traps dirt at the bottom of your bucket to help reduce the chance of scratches and swirls.
  • Nanolicious Wash - Bowden's dream wash, created with the finest modern ingredients available.
  • After Glow - A mega protective, after-wash drying aid.
  • Boss Gloss - Bowden's fastest and easiest to use detailing spray.
  • Paint Cleanse & Restore - Bowden's modern and sophisticated replacement for old school abrasive polishes.
  • Lazy Wax - The fastest and easiest way to wax your car.
  • Naked Glass - For perfectly clear and bare glass
  • Shagtastic Wash Pad - Groovy blend of funky fibres work together to give a blissful, safe wash experience.
  • Circle Work (Blue Piping) - Specially created microfibre applicator mitt
  • Big Softie x 4 (Blue Piping x 2, Orange Piping x 2) - Ideal for buffing off cleanser, polish and wax residues.
  • Drop Bear x 2 - Ideal for the final wipe down/removal of quality waxes and cleaners.
  • Microfibre Wash Mini Me - Restores and keeps the softness, plushness and absorbency to your microfibre.

Whilst some of the more passionate detailers amongst us already have full arsenals of detailing gear and are ready to tackle whatever is thrown at them, Bowden's Own understand that some of you are just starting to get the detailing bug or perhaps making the change from basic exterior washing and delving into tackling your interior or more serious paint restoration. Bowden's Own have a range of cleverly put together car care kits which tackle specific areas or surfaces of the car such as wheels & tyres, interior, leather, metal polishing and even a couple of fully comprehensive kits that you can use to clean your car to within an inch of its life.

For almost 20 years, Bowden's Own have been formulating and designing a range of exceptional quality car care products for those of us who take pride in our rides. Bowden's Own start from scratch when it comes to developing their optimal formulation, resulting in superior car care products which leave out cheap fillers and harsh chemicals that damage paintwork. With over 70 products in their car range, Bowden's Own are sure to have the right car washes, car polishes and car waxes as well as various car care accessories for you to get to work detailing your ride.

The Bowden family car collection includes a healthy dose of historically significant racecars including Peter Brock's A9X Holden Torana, Dick Johnson's Greens Tuff XE Ford Falcon and various other cracking examples which all use Bowden's Own gear. To shop the whole range of car care products, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store and talk to one of our team today.

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