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Product Description

Bowden's Own Summer Pleasures Box - Keep your car looking, feeling and smelling fresh this summer

With everything you need to get your car ready for summer cruising and costal road-trips, the Bowden's Own Summer Pleasures Box is the ideal all-in-one car wash gift pack. This car wash kit from Bowden's Own is the ideal gift for Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters or even as a gift to yourself so you can make sure your car looks, feels and smells clean and fresh all summer long. Valued at over $100, this kit makes for great savings when getting kitted out with a selection of essential car care products from one of the industry's best. The Bowden's Own Summer Pleasures Box includes:

  • Bowden's Own Nanolicious Wash - This car wash is super lubricating with amazing cleaning power, yet gentle to modern paints providing deep, effective cleaning, protection and restoration for any quality wax or other coating that is already present.
  • Bowden's Own Wet Dreams - A fantastic protective sealant that is best used at the end of a wash. Ideal for those who want a quick boost of shine and super hydrophobic paint protection when they detail their cars.
  • Bowden's Own Shagamittastic Wash Mitt - Safely removes funk and grime from your paint, holding it deep in the material until it's rinsed out to prevent annoying swirl marks.
  • Bowden's Own Big Sofite - A short pile, soft microfibre, ideal for removing wax, cleanser, polish, detailing sprays and glass cleaners from delicate surfaces.
  • Bowden's Own Popped Cherry Air Freshener - The first air freshener in Bowden's Own Range is sure to leave your interior smelling clean and fresh, the perfect finishing touch after giving your car a good wash.

It's only during a glorious, long and hot Australian Summer, that sayings like ' Slip Slop Slap', 'Swim between the flags' and ' Cocktails make your clothes fall off' start to make pefect sense. Inspired by such timeless pieces of local wisdom, the Bowden's Own team has created this winning combination that makes keeping your precious four wheeled friend looking stunning during the hotter months.

For almost 20 years, Bowden's Own have been formulating and designing a range of exceptional quality car care products for those of us who take pride in our rides. Bowden's Own start from scratch when it comes to developing their optimal formulation, resulting in superior car care products which leave out cheap fillers and harsh chemicals associated with other brands that can cause damage to paintwork with long-term use. Australia's own team of in-house chemistry boffins in Queensland meticulously develop their formulations to ensure that they can withstand harsh Aussie conditions but still retain simple procedures when it comes to applying the products and cleaning your car, so you can spend just as much time out on the road enjoying your pride and joy as you can giving all the care and attention it deserves in the driveway. With over 70 products in their car range, Bowden's Own are sure to have the right car washes, polishes and waxes as well as various car care accessories for you to get to work on your car and make it gleam just like the day it rolled off the factory floor.

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