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Autoglym Quik Refresh Car Wash 500ml - AURQR500

SKU: A5635103

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  • Wash anywhere with no hose rinse, before or after
  • Unique blend microemulsion and micelle technology softens, lifts and encapsulates dirt particles so that they can be effortlessly and safely wiped away without marring the surfaces of your car
  • Tropical, banana-scented fragrance

Autoglym QuikRefresh Car Wash

Autoglym QuikRefresh car wash is a rinseless wash solution that rapidly and effortlessly cleans to restore the perfect ‘just-washed’ look in as little as 15 minutes and without a hose in sight.

Autoglym chemists have created a unique blend of microemulsion technology and micelles to safely remove road grime without the need for rinsing, before or after. On contact with your car, the solution releases, lifts and suspends dirt particles so that they can be safely wiped away without damaging the surface.

All that’s needed to use QuikRefresh is a 10-litre bucket of water, an Autoglym InstaDry Drying Cloth and as much (or little) space that your car takes up in the spot it’s parked. It also has a wonderful, tropical, banana-scented fragrance that makes washing your car way more joyful!

And, unlike traditional car wash solutions, QuikRefresh can be used in direct sunlight, so there’s no need to look for cover or put off washing until the sun goes down.

QuikRefresh is perfect for anyone who takes pride in the appearance of their car, and finds themselves unable to clean it at their time and place. Whether this is inner-city apartment dwellers with no car wash bay or hose, housing with only on street parking, or simply short on time.

QuikRefresh is also fabulous for the car enthusiast who chases that just-washed look every time, and especially on those country car meets, where motels and motor inns lack hoses, or there’s high demand for them (thanks to your car meet buddies). QuikRefresh will have you back on the cruise in no time.

And if you’re simply water-wise, or under some form of water restriction that limits car washing, QuikRefresh is a great choice.

Perfect for a variety of situations across all customers who care about their appearance, from inner-city dwellers with little or no access to a wash bay, to car enthusiasts who like to keep their car clean, especially during days-long festivals and meets, to the water-wise or those under water restrictions.


  • 1. Pour 50ml of Quik Refresh into a bucket and fill with 10L of water. If you find less water is needed for your situation, simply adjust the ratio to suit (200 parts water to 1-part QuikRefresh). A grit guard is highly recommended but not necessary
  • 2. Soak the InstaDry cloth in the solution and apply to the vehicle working from the top down. Try to get as much solution onto the vehicle as possible
  • 3. Once the vehicle has been cleaned, rinse the InstaDry and wring out
  • 4. Use the InstaDry to then dry the whole car. No hose rinse needed
  • 5. If the temperatures are high or you’re washing in direct sunlight, it may be helpful to wash and dry in sections as small or large to reduce evaporation, rather than the whole car at once
  • 6. With that being said, there is no need to be worried about spotting, since the solution is easily wiped away without residue, even if it’s evaporated

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