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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now
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Bowden's Own Mega Snow Pack - BOMEGABLOWP

SKU: A5594578

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  • Combines the Snow Blow Cannon with 1L of Mega Snow Job heavy-duty snow foam
  • Gives intense foam with extra cleaning oomph to cut through and loosen serious dirt and grime
  • Mega Snow Job is a subtly boosted alkaline snow foam for a nice lift in cleaning power
  • Mega Snow Job also contains anti-rust and salt removal ingredients
  • The Snow Blow Cannon is a top-quality unit, built tough to suit Aussie conditions
  • Includes 2 adapters for the popular Karcher and Stihl/Gerni pressure washers.
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Bowden’s Own Mega Snow and Blow Pack – the perfect combo for those dirtier weekends

The Mega Snow and Blow Pack is a sweet combo of Bowden’s Own gear, specially designed for those dirtier weekends. Whether it's for your 4WD, motorbike, off road caravan, watercraft, or you just want that deeper clean, the combination of Mega Snow Job and the Snow Blow Cannon is perfect for when you need a bit of extra cleaning oomph.

Here’s a flying lap intro of what’s in the pack:

  • Mega Snow Job

  • A more heavy-duty snow foam, ideal after a weekend of bush bashing the 4x4's or dirt bikes, as well as boats, jet skis, vans and trucks
  • Uses a concentrated blend of modern surfactants, to create a super thick blanket of wet foam to penetrate and loosen heavier dirt and grime
  • Works as a touchless pre-wash to help dramatically reduce any wash induced swirl marks on modern clear coat paints
  • Anti-rust and salt removal ingredients, ideal for 4x4's, watercraft and even off road caravans
  • A subtly boosted alkaline formula with a pH of 9.0 in solution, for a nice lift in cleaning power
  • Not caustic or corrosive, contains no acids, abrasives or silicones
  • Can be used in the shade or direct sun, where it won't leave hard to remove streaks if it dries. Safe for ceramic coatings and quality sealants like our Bead Machine, Wet Dreams and Happy Ending, but can affect Carnauba waxes
  • Also safe on polished alloy, aluminium, plastic, rubber, chrome, carbon fibre, gel coat, vinyl tonneaus & seats, clear coat paint and glass
  • A strong concentrate that mixes in our Snow Blow Cannon at a dilution ratio of 9:1
  • For your regular maintenance washing, we recommend our Snow Job formula, keeping this one for the dirtier jobs
  • All Australian made and developed formula that's earth friendly and biodegradable

    Snow Blow Cannon

  • Quality made and more advanced design, specially created for mega foaming action
  • Unlike generic snow foam cannons, this is made with quality components to be tough and durable
  • Stubby water bottle, so it won't tip over when filling or storing
  • Bottle label is marked for easy filling with the correct ratio of snow foam solution
  • Adjustable spray nozzle, from a wide fan to a strong jet
  • Top air adjustment knob, to alter the amount of foam you wish to use.Handles up to a powerful 3200 PSI of water pressure
  • Taped and thread locked internals so it won't leak like cheaper, poorly constructed generic cannons
  • Solid screw and lock in adapter mechanism, so it won't blow off or leak

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