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Bowden's Own Wax Wash 2L - BOWW2L

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  • Wax Wash is infused with real T1 grade carnauba wax, to give your paint a boost in both shine and protection.
  • Custom formulated to care for modern clear coat paints.
  • Unique additives Bowdens added tohelpkeep rubber and plastic trims like new.
  • Super lubricatingto minimise swirlmarks occurring while washing.
  • pH neutral
  • Rinses off residue free, with no streaking or water spots.
  • Built in anti-rust additives and UV protection for Aussie conditions.
  • Bowdens Own Wax Wash BOWW2L
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The lazy way to protect and shine your car as you wash

Using a modern blend of the finest ingredients and infused with T1 grade carnauba wax, Bowden's Own Wash & Wax covers both bases when it comes to washing and waxing your car. With a unique formulation and a host of clever additives this car wash will give you that deep clean you want without stripping off the waxes and sealants on your paintwork. Its high sudsing nature suspends the dirt and grime minimising swirl marks and scratches making this the ideal car wash for those with minimal time but who demand a great finish.

For almost 20 years Bowden's Own have been producing a range of exceptional quality car care products designed for the discerning car enthusiast and the uniquely Australian conditions. By starting from scratch in their development of the optimal formulations they leave out the fillers and harsh chemicals that contribute to issues through long term use. Their team of in house research chemists develop and extensively test each of their formulations to ensure that all car care products that wear the Bowden's Own brand are not only world class but easy and straighforward to use. With now over 70 products in their car care range you can be assured of finding the right car wash, car polish or tyre care product for your vehicle. Their development of a variety of quality brushes and cloths complement their car care range with a specific product for any application.

The Bowden family collection of historically significant racecars use the exact same products that are available to you at your nearest Repco store and believe that a passion for cars extends to all whether it be a million dollar racecar or your daily driver. Shop online or in store today and discover how the extensive Bowden's Own range of car care products can provide the high end detailed finish you demand.

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Car Wash

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