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Bowden's Own The Black Box Trim Restorer Kit - BOBBOX

SKU: A5516652

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  • For rejuvenating sun damaged, unpainted exterior plastics to a rich, dark finish
  • Ideal for bumpers, side & window trims, side mirrors, mud flaps, roof rails, running boards, door handles, wiper arms and more
  • Restores a natural mid sheen finish, that's not greasy or oily
  • Lasts for up to a year on most hard ABS plastic, textured trims
  • Silicone free, so it won't wash off or attract dust once dried and cured
  • Full kit containing cloths, applicator sponges, Mr Black 250ml and Flash Prep 125ml
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Bowden's Own The Black Box - Trim Restorer kit

Do you have faded, sun damaged, grey or just straight up nasty looking plastic trims on the exterior of your car? Do you want to bring them back to life and restore the plastic sheen they came with originally? Well here's a kit to help make your 80's and 90s cars look like a million bucks! Bowden's Own have developed a trim restorer they appropriately named Mr Black. Mr Black comes as part of Bowden's Own The Black Box Kit and includes all the bits you need to restore and protect your sun damaged unpainted plastics and brings them back to a rich dark finish. Mr Black is perfect for restoring plastic bumpers, mirrors, door handles, running boards, grilles, wiper arms and window trims. Mr Black has a mild sheen just like your car left the factory, It's silicone free and long lasting. Add this step to your next annual major detail and restore plastic trims after polishing, waxing and protecting your paint.

Mr Black is part of the Bowden's Own The Black Box full kit which contains:

  • 1x 250ml bottle of Mr Black
  • 1x 125ml bottle of Bowden's Own Flash Prep
  • 2x applicator sponges
  • 1x 1inch foam brush for getting into the small crevices
  • 1x Bowden's Own Dark Deeds Cloth
  • 1x pair or nitrile gloves.

Some helpful notes to getting the best finish: On extremely weathered trim, it may need two coats of Mr Black. Apply the second coat one hour after the first coat. Do not use any more flash prep or other surface prep product before you do the second coat. When applying Mr Black, just remember - Less is more, so only apply a small amount for each subsequent section on the second coat. when you have finished your second coat, make sure the trims stay dry for at least 12 hours while Mr Black cures. Wash any Mr Black from your skin with soap and water straight after application.

  • Plastics must be cool to touch and free from dirt, oil and silicones.
  • Use Bowden's Own flash Prep to remove any of these oils, silicones and other waxes already embedded in the trims.
  • If you're in hot or humid weather, make sure you wipe Mr Black off sooner (1-2 mins max) to achieve a more even finish.
  • Try not to saturate the applicator sponge or microfibre. remember, less is always more, so try to spread the product until it won't spread any more before adding more to your sponge or cloth. If you do end up getting an uneven finish, try to use less product and spread it further with your applicator.
  • If you get Mr Black on your paint, head lights or other parts of your vehicle, simply use Bowden's Own Flash Prep to remove it ASAP. If it's been on too long you may need to use the Paint Cleanse and Restore to remove it.

Check out the full range from Bowden's Own car cleaning products including car wash, car wax, metal polish, detailing spray, the clay bar as well as plenty of car care accessories like Cloths, wash mitts, chamois, the big green sucker, wheel cleaning brush and polishing cloths. All of the Bowden's Own range including the bulk 5L bottles are available online to click and collect from your nearest Repco store, or have it delivered to your work or home.

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Exterior Trim Care

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