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Bar's Bugs Windscreen Cleaner Additive Concentrate 600ml - The No.1 windscreen washer additive

Bar's Bugs is the original windscreen and wiper blade cleaner. The special formulation means there is absolutely no webbing and can be used in all windscreen washer reservoirs. This tried and tested formula removes all road film, diesel spray and bugs from the windscreen and is Ideal for general cleaning of glass, windows and mirrors. Bar's Bugs Additive is also safe on all automotive paint finishes and won't attack clear coat.

Repco Tip: To keep your vehicle in top condition, take the time when you're stopping for fuel to maintain your windscreen and headlights. Use the service station brush to clean all the road grime in the corners of your windscreen that your wipers can't reach. Top up your windscreen washer reservoir, and add 75ml of Bar's Bugs Windscreen Cleaner for every 2L of water. For best result all year around we recommend replacing your windscreen wipers every 6 months or every 2 seasons. Doing this will stop any wiper chatter, screeching and prevent any dirty smudge marks giving you the best vision on the road.

This 600ml of Bars bugs will treat 16 litres of windscreen fluid and is recommended if you have a workshop, larger car fleet or just windscreen OCD.

Item Type
Windscreen Washer Additive

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