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Our Repco Eclipse Winscreen additive is super concentrated and can make up to 50 litres of windscreen cleaner which removes dirt and grime leaving behind instant clear vision. The Eclipse Windscrtenn Additive quickly dissolves treep sap and insects while been safe on your vehicles paint and rubber. It features a graduated chamber for easy measure to ensure the right amount is used to deliver the best result possible.

Repco Eclipse car care is made and developed in Australia for Australian conditions, the result is some of the finest car care products available in Australia. We at Repco love our cars and wouldn't just put just anything in them. All of our products are tried and tested locally to ensure they are comparable or superior to other market leading brands while delivering superior value for money.

Repco Eclipse Windscrenn Additive is suitable for you if:
You want a windscreen additive which is harmless to your paint and rubber.
You want instant clear vision when using your window wiper wash to clean your windows.
You often drive routes where tree sap and insects get slung to your windscreen.

1. Slightly loosen cap above graduated chamber, about a 1/4 turn.
2. Squeezing the bottle centre gently, allow the solution to travel up the carrier tube on the side of the bottle into the grduated chamber.
3. Remove the graduated chamber cap fully and carefully pour into the reservoir, repeating steps 2 and 3 as needed.
NOTE: Most windscreen reservoirsd are around 3-4 litres so you'll need 60-80ml or 2-3 chambers.
4. When finished replace the cap and tighten
5. Fill reservoir with water and seal.

For best results always use fresh, clean water. Avoid the use of hard water when possible.

NOTE: Do not use with other windscreen additives. Do not use on interior windows where tinting has been applied. Harmless to rubber and paintwork.

Turn heads as you park up at the car show, cruise through the hills with your mates or even just pull into the work car park with a freshly washed, waxed and detailed ride. Proudly Australian-owned and scientifically formulated, the Repco Eclipse car care range is made to be safe on paint and deliver outstanding results every time. The best chemicals are sourced from around the world before being mixed in Australia and tried and tested on our own cars to ensure our product can hold up to the strict demands of the Australian climate. At Repco, we love our cars and wouldn't just use any old car wash on them.

Keeping on top of cleaning your car is not only a vital piece of often overlooked maintenance, it's also ultra-satisfying. Preserving, protecting and polishing your paintwork increases re-sale value when it comes time to upgrade, but also means you get to drive around the shiniest car with the smoothest and deepest glowing paintwork. With premium products and accessories for every step of the process, Eclipse products offer exceptional value for money when getting your car washed, waxed, polished and cleaned or when conditioning and protecting your interior trim and upholstery.

Just some of the Eclipse car range includes:

  • Car wash
  • Clay bars
  • Tyre shine
  • Wheel cleaner
  • Car wax
  • Car polish
  • Detailing cloths
  • Microfibre cloths

To shop our entire car care, paint and panel range to get your ride gleaming, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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