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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now

Autoglym Magma Iron Decontaminant 500ml - AURMAG500

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  • Autoglym Magma is designed to react with iron particles on your wheels and bodywork so they can be easiy rinsed away
  • Magma reacts to the iron particles by turning purple
  • You can agitate Magma to help loosen any stubborn particles before thoroughly rinsing off with water
  • Magma makes a great wheel cleaner
  • Being pH neutral Magma is safe on all external surfaces. It is not recommended for wrapped vehicles

Autoglym Magma

Run your hand across the surface of your average daily driven car and you will feel all manner of spots and bumps on the paintwork. These are from the airborne contaminants that bombard your vehicle on a daily basis and amongst these are tiny specks of iron that dull your paintwork. Autoglym Magma uses Colour Transform Technology to react with these iron particles and safely remove them from your vehicles body, glass and wheels.

Magma turns purple when reacting to these contaminates so they can safely and easily be rinsed away. If further contaminants exist such as tree sap and tar these can be removed with the Autoglym Clay Bar Detailing Kit.

Directions for Use:

  • To use Magma clean the vehicle first and remove excess water. Avoid direct sunlight and make sure the vehicle is cool to touch
  • Spray Magma liberally over the body, wheels and glass and wait 3 to 5 minutes to react
  • Magma turns purple when reacting to iron particles and if necessary you can agitate Magma using the correct car wash accessory for the job
  • To remove Magma thoroughly rinse with clean water
  • Provided wheels aren't heavily contaminated, Autoglym Magma makes a great wheel cleaner. It will need to be agitated and is safe on all wheel finishes

Lovingly applied on everything from hyper cars and priceless classics to daily drivers and weekend cruisers, the range of Autoglym products encompasses only the best when it comes to looking after your vehicle. Producing some of the highest quality car detailing products, Autoglym have always been about taking both the time and the best ingredients to provide formulations that will have your vehicle wearing that showroom shine year round. Their continual research and development across their full range means that not only do you have the best in car care but you can depend on Autoglym to be at the cutting edge of car detailing technology.

Whether you step up to their tried and tested Super Resin car polish, through to one of the comprehensive Detailing Kits, you know you will be buying the finest car care products for your vehicle. Browse online or come in store today and see the full range of Autoglym products at Repco and know that whether inside or outside of your vehicle, there will be a premium Autoglym car care product to suit.

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