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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now

BigBoi Quikki CHC Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating Spray 1L - QUIKKI

SKU: A5550014

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  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Hydrophobic effect
  • Mirror effect
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Ceramic enhancer
  • 1L bottle
  • Made in Australia
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Bigboi Quikki CHC all in one hydrophobic ceramic coating spray.

It’s time for a QUIKKI! It’s the final stage in the paint protection cleaning process. It’s a SIO2 ceramic based surface coating that creates an extremely slick and glossy hydrophobic surface which works as a repellent to any environmental contaminants with less maintenance required as a result. Once applied, not only will it leave the surface with an extreme slick shine, it will repel water, be resistant to most acids, alkaline solutions and solvents and enhance your existing paint protection or surface treatment you may already have. It will simply be the all in one product you have been looking for!

Bigboi Quikki CHC can be applied to most surfaces such as paint, stainless steel, metal, aluminum, glass, plastic, fiberglass and more.Please note! Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not leave to air-dry on the surfaces. Always use clean microfiber towels to remove all residue. APPLICATION: Exterior surface: Once you have washed & dried the car with your bigboi equipment, squirt a fine even mist of QUIKKI panel by panel. Working on small areas will give the best results. Immediately dry with a clean microfiber towel by buffing gently. If needed, use an additional clean microfiber towel. Interior surface: Squirt a fine even mist on the surface. Buff gently using a clean microfiber towel until all residue is gone.

Catering for the Professional Detailer or enthusiast who simply wants the best robust, powerful, high-quality, high-performance drying solutions the Bigboi range is exactly for that, with the WashR Flo pressure washer and tiered range of Bigboi BlowR Drying systems, this range is the best alternative to drying your car in a touchless scratch-minimising way without getting those annoying water droplet stains from drying in the sun. The full range of Bigboi is available onine only at Repco. Check out the full range of detailing and car care products available including, polishers, buffers, pressure washers, ceramic wax, cut & polish, headlight restorer, interior detailing, snow cannon's and car wash.

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