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Hydrosilex Big Rig Ceramic Coating 1L - 13415751

SKU: A5530720

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  • Easy to apply, DIY spray on ceramic coating.
  • Gives the surfaces deep strong gloss, slick and hydrophobic effects.
  • Prevents harsh elements such as dirt, grime, insects and dust from sticking to the surface
  • Can be applied on all exterior surfaces such as paint, wheels, windows, plastics. chrome
  • In built UV protectant to withstand all weather conditions

HydroSilex Big Rig Ceramic Coating

Another standout performer in the HydroSilex range, this tough ceramic-based coating has been specifically formulated for commercial trucks and trailers and replaces the many waxes and other sealants that you may have previously used on your hauler. Creating a slick surface which gives you ease of cleaning, whilst adding a UV protectant layer to stand up to the harsh Australian conditions, you can clock up the kilometres in rig that will shine. Any HydroSilex coated surface on your truck or trailer will also prevent dirt, insects and road grime from building up to project that professional image without spending hours at the truck wash.

Simply spray and wipe and Big Rig will bond to all surfaces with unmatched hydrophobic properties, instant curing and built in UV protection. Your truck or trailer will look better than ever, protected and easy to clean, without constantly having to be washed, waxed and buffed. It is a new way of maintaining your investment that saves time, money and effort with amazing results. Just one application of HydroSilex Big Rig will last you 6 months to a year.

HydroSilex Big Rig is a professional grade ceramic coating that can easily be applied at home, saving you the expense of professional coating procedures which can take hours and cost hundreds of dollars. It is safe to use, easy to apply and can be used on any surface without the need for hours of pre preparation prior to application. One handy trick that we recommend is to use HydroSilex Rewind to remove any previously applied waxes or coatings so that the Big Rig coat has a blank slate to start with, giving it the best chance to adhere fully and provide superior protection for longer. This ceramic coat offers professional-grade results and superior water beading and water dispersement to literally any surface and can be used either as a standalone coating or as an additional line of paint protection for professionaly applied ceramic coatings.

Whether applied to your interstate hauling K104 Kenworth or your around town Fuso or Isuzu you will have a rig that will stand out from the pack.

To get your truck and trailer looking sparkly clean and protected from the harsh Aussie conditions, view our whole range of paint care and car care accessories on the website today or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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