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Repco Wax & Grease Remover

Repco Wax and Grease Remover is a fast acting, high quality cleaning solvent used for surface cleaning at any stages of repair and finish including filling, sealing, priming and top coating. Using this quality cleaner promotes better surface adhesion and will gently but effectively remove heavy contamination such as wax, grease, oil, tar and road grime. Repco's Wax & Grease remover will also clean less obvious contaminants such as dust, finger marks and silicone which can cause the most notable defects in paintwork refinishing. This formulation is particularly suited to 2 Pack, Acrylic, Auto Enamel and Quick Dry paint systems to give you a clean and spotless surface to work with.

As the old adage goes when it comes to painting, it's the final coat that is the easy bit, and getting a quality paint finish is about making sure you clean all surfaces prior to work. Repco's Wax and Grease remover is a heavy-duty cleaner that works fast to gently lift dust, dirt and contaminants from surfaces to allow for easy application and strong bonding of body fillers, spray primers and final top coats.

It's only when you have gone to the trouble and effort of applying the final paint coat that you can see the defects and imperfections so it always pays to have this cleaner close at hand to frequently clean each surface prior to the next stage. This large 400 gram can will allow for wide coverage so you can regularly clean and ensure all your hard work is not brought undone by a final paint finish that looks second rate. Don't undo all your time and hard work using an inferior product, insist on Repco Wax & Grease Remover.

Repco stock a vast array of panel repair products and tools to keep you on the road and keeping your car looking presentable. Whether you are trying to fix that car park scratch from an errant shopping trolley through to major panel work from something a little more serious you can be sure that we have the products to suit.

Covering such essentials as:

Browse online or shop instore to see the great range of paint and panel repair products we stock, and know if it's as heavy duty as a dent puller through to a simple can of primer we can help you.

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Wax & Grease Remover