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Professional panel repair prep in your own garage

When it comes to fixing dents or cracks in your car's exterior, we understand that it can cost a fortune. Whether it's a cracked bumper or a scratched door, one trip to Repco will ensure you can fix it yourself - without you spending a fortune.

At Repco, we offer a wide range of exceptional panel prep gear so you can easily get your hands on everything you need to create long-lasting, reliable solutions at home.

Toledo, Norton sandpapers and emery cloths, HiChem sanding blocks, Flexovit and Norton grinding wheels, Jazz metal brushes, as well as a huge selection of Repco's own high-quality paint strippers and rust converters.

If you have an auto panel repair project you want to finish brilliantly, start looking at Repco. You'll find everything from spot putty to body filler, bumper primer and grease remover in our range. All formulated to provide unparalleled results that will last the long-haul. No wonder so many people choose Repco when they need panel prep products.

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