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Product Description

Repco Rust Converter - Primes, seals and neutralises rusted surfaces

When it comes to repairing and treating rust, oxidation and corrosion, look no further than Repco Rust Converter for an all-in-one formula which combines the three processes of rust treatment into one quick and easy step. Repco Rust Remover has a primer and sealer built in, meaning that in one step this rust treatment chemically reacts with the rusted surface, converts in into a hard, inert, organic compound and then seals the surface with a impervious coating which is then ready to be top coated with your choice of paint. Repco Rust Converter is recommended for the treatment of rusted steel surfaces when it is not practical or necessary to remove the rusted surface and replace with a patch panel, it's great for interior, exterior household, automotive, marine and industrial applications where rusting or oxidation has occurred.

Treating, converting and removing rust from metal surface is imperative to retain structural integrity over time as even the lightest of rust can and will over time take further hold and eat away at metal structures. Rusted metals are quicker to fatigue over time and structural strength is sacrificed as a result. With Repco Rust Converter, you can easily do away with rust by stabilising and neutralising the oxidation and prepare the surface for painting to retain the best possible service life of the application and also maintain a professional, clean and well looked after finish when compared to spots of rust.

To shop our whole panel repair range when getting stuck into your rusty project cars, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store today.

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