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RUPES BigFoot DA Ultrafine Polishing Pad 125mm - 9.DA150S

SKU: A5540908

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  • New D-A ULTRA FINE foam pads are for ultra-high gloss finishing and polishing, especially on haze-prone paint
  • Contoured edge and reduced height profile combines for better energy transfer between the tool and work surface, along with reduced edge distortion for improved consistency of application
  • Each D-A pad comes packed in a UV-resistant, dust-free metallic film flow pack so that you use it as if it’s fresh off the factory line!
  • Use with new D-A ULTRA FINE compound

RUPES BigFoot DA Ultrafine Polishing Pad 125mm

The RUPES wool polishing pads represent a new generation of highly refined wool that redefines and challenges the perception that wool cannot finish down well on paint. These pads are made from natural wool that undergoes a significant refinement process to produce the finest and most effective strands of wool ever used on polishing pads. The soft, plush, yellow wool strands in these pads have been specifically engineered to produce both amazing cutting and finishing qualities, while the semi-rigid and flexible yellow backing foam allows the pads to transfer maximum power yet conform to body panels producing a more even and consistent level of paint correction throughout each panel section. The greatest benefit of these pads is that they can cut or level paint defects almost as well as microfibre pads, yet they do not suffer from the same overheating issues and in fact run cooler than foam pads. They also have reduced drag compared to microfibre pads and will continue spinning on your dual-action polisher well after many microfibre and foam pads begin to bog down. For best results and performance on free-spinning, dual-action polishers, RUPES recommends using these pads with RUPES Keramik Polishing Compound, while with forced rotation polishers, RUPES Mille fine Compound renders the best results, and with rotary polishers, RUPES Rotary fine Compound will best extract the peak performance and gain the greatest results with these pads. With the ability to remove sanding marks as Coarse as 2000 grit as well as correct moderate to heavy paint defects such as scratches, swirls, water etchings and oxidation yet finish down better than any other wool pad in the past, the new RUPES Yellow Medium Wool Pads have truly redefined wool as an amazing material to polish automotive paint.

Take your vehicle detailing to the next level with the professional range of RUPES car detailing products available at Repco. Built to handle the day to day rigours demanded by professional detailers, you can be assured, whether amateur or beginner, you are stepping up to professional quality detailing products that will make your car stand out from the crowd. Using only the highest standard of engineering and construction for their polishers as well as utilising only the finest quality materials and ingredients in their polishing pads and compounds means your investment in vehicle detailing will pay off with stunning results.

Having been around for over 70 years, RUPES have built up an enviable reputation of producing some of the best rotary and orbital polishers in the market, and their range of Bigfoot polishers and products build on this, to provide you with some of the most effective methods of paint correction and car polishing. Designed with simplicity in mind the Bigfoot system is the perfect solution for the novice user to achieve professional results. Coupled with continuous research and development ensures their products simplify the polishing process to achieve optimum results in fewer steps. Whether it be the fantastic balance and ergonomics of their polishers through to the quality and functionality of their polishing pads or polishing compounds you will be enthused and motivated to work on achieving that perfect show car shine on any of your vehicles.

Putting the power and control firmly in your hands, the range of RUPES car detailing products will let you step up to the plate and play with the big boys of the car detailing scene. So whether it be restoring the faded glory of your chrome bumpered classic through to lovingly applying that final coat of gloss to your hypercar you can trust RUPES to create that dazzling shine and lustre of a true professional paintwork finish.

Browse the range of RUPES products online and see for yourself the vast array of quality products that will transcend any standard car polish or buffer.

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