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Win a $1000 Gift Card by purchasing a can of CRC Oil Fighter - Shop now

Bigboi BlowR Mini Drying System - BLOWRMINI

SKU: A5538728

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  • 2 stage adjustable wind control achieving wind speeds of 72 km/h-250 km/h
  • Single 2600 watts motor (1600 watts blower motor with a 1000 watts heating element)
  • E/Z changeable foam filter (wash and re-use), allowing warm safe filtered air to pass onto the paintwork
  • BTT (Bigboi Temperature Technology) - 3 stage adjustable warm filtered air (15°C/25°C/45°C)
  • Low Noise reduction technology (DB rating low 73 high 79)
  • 5m hose with 2 rubber coated lockable nozzle system
  • 5m power cord
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Bigboi BlowR Mini - Touchless Drying System

As every car care enthusiast knows, non-contact detailing methods greatly reduce the chances of putting scratches into paintwork. Whilst the wash process still requires a mitt, the drying process no longer requires a drying cloth! Dust and dirt can become trapped in the long, absorbent fibres of drying cloths and can cause scratches when the towel is rubbed over the paint. The edges of cloths can cause marks as the towel is 'whipped' back and forth. Synthetic chamois can be ineffective in soaking up water and natural chamois can remove wax protection. Using the Bigboi BlowR Mini eliminates all these possibilities, so you never have to worry about inadvertently marking your paintwork when drying it.

Featuring the most efficient single motor in the industry, the 2600-watt 4.0HP motor uses heated, filtered air to chase water off paintwork, metal, glass and chrome. The blast of air forces trapped water out from behind badges, head and taillight surrounds, mirror housings and other hard to reach areas. The Bigboi BlowR Mini is supplied with 2 interchangeable nozzles to ensure air can be directed into tight to reach areas or along channels and grooves. Choose from two wind speeds and three temperatures, depending on the task at hand. Unlike the BUDDI, this blower pumps out 250 km/h warm filtered air at a much larger volume that will thoroughly dry your car, bike or ski in minutes.

The Bigboi BlowR range caters for the enthusiast who wants an affordable yet high-quality & high-performance drying solutions without using a chamois or drying cloth that has the potential to scratch your paint's surface.

Technical Specifications:
  • 2800-watt motor producing 4.0HP
  • Airflow: CFM/FPM 29,600 ft/min
  • DB rating: Low 73 High 79
  • 5m commercial grade hose
  • Neoprene rubber hose nozzle
  • Low noise reduction twin filter system
  • EZ Change foam filter
  • Bigboi Temperature Technology (BTT) - select from 3 temperatures
  • Size: 35 x 40 x 20cm
  • Suitable for use in temperatures between 15-45 degrees C
  • Weight: 3.5 kg

Catering for the Professional Detailer or enthusiast who simply wants the best robust, powerful, high-quality, high-performance drying solutions the Bigboi range is exactly for that, with the WashR Flo pressure washer and tiered range of Bigboi BlowR Drying systems, this range is the best alternative to drying your car in a touchless scratch-minimising way without getting those annoying water droplet stains from drying in the sun. The full range of Bigboi is available onine only at Repco. Check out the full range of detailing and car care products available including, polishers, buffers, pressure washers, ceramic wax, cut & polish, headlight restorer, interior detailing, snow cannon's and car wash.

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