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Repco Eclipse Extra Dirty Heavy Duty Truck Wash - Suitable for the Filthy 4x4, Truck, Boat and Caravan

Repco Eclipse Extra Dirty heavy duty truck wash is perfect for washing down the 4WD, Truck, Boat and Caravan after a long trip away. Removing mud, bugs, dirt and road grime with ease, this hard working 4x4 wash is a time saving hero that deserves a place in your detailing kit

  • Hard working 4WD, boat and truck wash
  • Leaves a bright, streak free finish
  • Free rinsing, fast breaking suds
  • Safe on bare metal, glass, painted and synthetic surfaces
  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Coconut oil extract for a glossier tough finish
  • Suitable for bucket wash and pressure washer use

Have you been hitting the off road trails, towing your caravan all around the country, or do you just have a filthy truck that needs a once over after the months of winter road grime build up? Repco Eclipse Extra Dirty Heavy Duty Wash contains a powerful formulation that rapidly lifts dirt, oil, grease and road grime from trucks, SUVs, trailers, boats and caravans. Best of all, Repco Eclipse leaves a bright, streak free finish. With the ability to rinse freely at the end of your wash, our fast breaking suds offer a quicker, easier wash and is safe to use on all bare metal, painted, glass and synthetic surfaces. Containing rust and corrosion inhibitors for added vehicle protection, the addition of coconut oil extract produces a glossier, tougher finish with enhanced dirt cleaning properites. Repco Heavy Duty Wash comes in a convienient 5 litre size and is suitable for use on the biggest jobs.

Eclipse is the premier range of car care from Repco and is made to be safe on paint and deliver outstanding results every time. Our products are made and developed in Australia and are suitable for use across all New Zealand and Australian conditions. Only the best chemicals are sourced from around the world then mixed in Australia, which results is some of the finest car care products available. We at Repco love our cars and treat them with the love and respect they deserve and wouldn't just wash them with any old product. Our Heavy Duty Wash is tried and tested locally to ensure it is comparable or superior to other market leading brands, while delivering superior value for money.

The Eclipse car wash and car care range includes:

Check out the full range of Repco Eclipse car care online or in a Repco store near you.